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         " I am Mother Earth"

Even though I live in today's society.
I know what should be my first priority.
I am part of the Great Spirit.
For I belong to no other.
    I am the Great Spirit breath.
And the flesh of our dear Mother Earth.
I am you and you are me, dear sister and brother, I will always be even in death.
    Listen and Mother Earth as she tells you.
She cries as you cry.
As one, whether legged or winged one falls.
She tries to talk to you.
But the number who listen are few.
She tells you , " Take care of me for I am you. Please take care before all die.
Please do not leave me alone, because all will fall. Feel my breeze as I touch your face. Slow down learn life, this is not a race. Stop and see all my beauty is everywhere for you, even in the strangest places. Come sit down by the river's edge. Drink my water, as you thrist. Feel the coolness of the waters that forever flow. Playing and tickling your foot and toes. Feel and see my beauty all around you. For I am not yet dead. Watch the children for you will have much laughter.
Take the time to hug and talk to a tree. For my love to you is forever free.
Come fly with me as we soar. Come let us feel and see the water falls mighty roar. Let me help break down your surrounding fortress of walls. Feel the strength of my love so that you will not and can not fall. Come renite with me my family. Before it all ends with such terror and calamity.
This may be my last warning to you. Listen all and not just a few. For in the future one day soon. As you look up at Grandmother Moon. You will no longer feel or see the door. For I will say no more".
                   " Wind Dance"
The winter winds blow slowly as it caresses the snow covered evergreen trees.
The lonely song of the whippoorwill sings into the darkness of the night.
Endless calling for it mate.
The cries of the wolf echoed in the distant hills.
Crying of it loneliness as it sings to the new born moon.
The moon shines it silver enchantment upon the newly fallen snow covered hills.
Like tiny fairies sprending joy's of the dance.
We walk into a new born world where souls sing with the winter winds.
Feeling it play upon our hearts.
We too, can feel the endless calling echoing in our souls.
As our souls weep at the sound.
For we are to looking for our mates.
Someone to love and to care for.
To share the wonders of our hearts.
To touch another soul as we dance with the winter winds.
The Earth is our Mother,
She provides for us all.
Feeds all the hunger.
Gives shelter to the small.
There as my Mother's sisters
WInter, Summer, Fall.
But Spring is the one I cherish most of all.
But first let me tell you , About the other three.
Without knowing them, Spring's wonder you never see. I will start with Summer, The sun hot and high,
Without my brother Rain, My people will sure die. Autumn is an artist, Reds,oranges,and browns.
Painting all the leaves, Before they hit the ground.
Winter is frigid one, So often misunderstood, Most see her faults, Rarely her traits are of good. Without Fall and Winter and thesilent death they bring. We miss all the wonders of sister Spring, Her Love brings rebirth. To a world filled strife, Brings a new beginning In the circle of life.
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