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They say that necessity is the mother of Invention.  This web site was created for that very reason.  As I have been teaching religious education for thirteen years now, I find myself reaching for different information at different times.  Clip art, history, education, symbols, saints, pictures, and answers to questions I have never thought to ask. 

This web site is a collection of sites that I have found useful since joing the internet community some time ago.  You will find a little bit of everything here.  You will also find this site in continual motion as I continue to educate myself in various ways.

You will find that this site is mostly Catholic in nature, but there are plenty of Christian things and ideas, too.

Most of all, feel free to write if you have something you think is a necessary item to add.  I am always looking for ideas.

This site is currently posting Lesson Plans and some resource for the Sacramental II year for the 4th and 5th grades. Some of this resource also comments on usefulness on other grade levels. Feel free to browse around.

As the year progresses, things will be added, so check back from time to time, and enjoy.

Lesson Plans for 4-5th grades Sac II

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