Mr. Michael Eby

Spanish Teacher
Seminole High School

Seminole, FL

Greetings and welcome to my home page!

A little about me:

Born in raised on hay farms an hour outside of D-town (yes, Detroit,) I am a country boy at heart.  However, I never really “fit in” and ended up heading for Florida in 1995.  I have been happy in the Sunshine State ever since, even though I do miss the change in seasons and a white Christmas each year…

After spending a number of years working in management positions for medium to large-sized corporations, I decided to change my original path of study (Business Administration) to my true calling, Foreign Language Education.  I have always admired teachers and I love academia.  I also love different languages and cultures… something that has been a part of my life since birth (considering my grandmother was born and raised in Japan.)

I have now gained fluency in Spanish and am employed by Pinellas County Schools as a Spanish teacher at Seminole High School (go Warhawks!!!)  I am currently studying to become fluent in Mandarin Chinese, as well.  I also hope to one day “master” Japanese, Portuguese, and Italian as well…  A little ambitious, huh?  *haha*

As an example of my love for different cultures and language, I have traveled to many places around the world…  I am not sharing this to brag or boast; instead, I like to tell people of my travels in the case that they have questions or are curious about traveling abroad.  Places I have visited include: Canada, St. Croix (USVI), most major U.S. cities, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina, and Spain.  To this date, my favorite place of all is Buenos Aires, Argentina.  I spent 7 weeks there over two trips and studied at a school of arts for a month.  I still want to go back again, but I am currently planning my next adventure… in Peru.

As for my approach to life (and teaching,) I like to have fun in whatever I am doing and I try to focus on the positive side of all things.  I like to stay active, mainly doing things that keep me well-rounded and I highly value anything cultural or "different"…  I think it is extremely important to have a balance in life.  Also, I like to keep an open mind to all things in life and I feel RESPECT FOR OTHERS is one of the MOST important things in life.  In fact, there are really only three basic things that I require of myself and my students:

1.)  Respect. (others and yourself)
2.)  Try.
3.)  HAVE FUN.

I hold one saying close to my heart: "Life is not a spectator sport."  We are only here for a short while...  Enjoy your time here to its fullest extent.

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