Leveled Books

Find a book at your students instructional level and watch them soar with real literature. Here is a list of leveled book for the K-3 teacher.

I run a resource room. Here is an example of the way I level my Guided Reading Books.

All the books are very affordable and can be ordered at Amazon for a reduced price. I order all of my books from Amazon because they are quick, safe, and they have excellent customer service!


Click on the links to see a list of books that have been leveled for the grade level, classroom level, and reading recovery level. Most of The Classroom Levels are taken from the book Matching Books to Readers: Using Leveled Books in Guided Reading, K-3.

Kindergarten/Grade 1 - Classroom Level A - Reading Recovery 1

Various Grade k-1 Leveled Books and Resources

Kindergarten/Grade 1 - Classroom Level C - Reading Recovery 3&4

Grade 1 - Classroom Level D - Reading Recovery 5&6

Grade 1 - Classroom Level E - Reading Recovery 7&8

Grade 1 - Classroom Level F - Reading Recovery 9&10

Grade 1 - Classroom Level G - Reading Recovery 11&12

Grade 1 - Classroom Level H - Reading Recovery 13&14

Various Grade 2 Leveled Books and Activities

Various Grade 3 Leveled Books and Activities

Various Grade 4 Leveled Books and Activities

Various Grade 5 Leveled Books and Activities

Various Grade 6 Leveled Books and Activities

Grade 1/2 - Classroom Level I - Reading Recovery 15,16,&17

Grade 2 - Classroom Level J - Reading Recovery 18,19,&20

Grade 2 - Classroom Level K

Grade 2 - Classroom Level L

Grade 2/3 - Classroom Level M

Grade 3 - Classroom Level N

Grade 3 - Classroom Level O