Grade 5 Leveled Books

Grade Level 5 Books

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Afternoon of the Elves Lisle, Janet Taylor 8 RL 5 Fantasy
Alice in Wonderland Carroll, Lewis 10 RL 5 Fantasy
Best Christmas Pageant Ever Robinson, Barbara 4 RL 5 Realistic Fic.
BFG Dahl, Roald 12 RL 5.6 Fantasy
Caddie Woodlawn Brink, Carol 3 RL.5.6 Historical Fic.
Castle in the Attic Winthrop, Elizabeth 7 RL 5 Fantasy
Charley Skedaddle Beatty, 28 RL 5.0 Historical Fic.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Dahl, Roald 8 RL 5.0 Fantasy
Cousins Hamilton, Virginia 6 RL 5 Realistic Fic.
Danny, Champion of the World Dahl, Roald 8 RL 5 Realistic Fic.
Enormous Egg Butterworth, Oliver 12 RL 5.7 Fantasy
Family Under the Bridge Carlson, Natalie 9 RL 5.2 Realistic Fic.
Fox Busters King-Smith, Dick 8 RL 5.8 Animal Fantasy
Freedom Train: Story of Harriet Tubman Sterling, Dorothy 25 RL 5 Biography
Gathering of Days, New England Girl’s Jrnl Blos, Joan 7 RL 5.1 Historical Fic.
Gentle Ben Morey, Walt 10 RL 5 Animal Fic.
Good-Bye Pink Pig Adler, C.S. 29 RL 5 Animal Fantasy
Great Brain Fitzgerald, John 7 RL 5 Historical Fic.
Great Brain at the Academy Fitzgerald, John 7 RL 5 Historical Fic.
Great Brain Does it Again Fitzgerald, John 2 RL 5 Historical Fic.
Great Brain: Me and my Little Brain Fitzgerald, John 6 RL 5 Historical Fic.
Great Brain: Return of the Great Brain Fitzgerald, John 5 RL 5 Historical Fic.
Great Brain: Adventures of the Great Brain Fitzgerald, John 6 RL 5 Historical Fic.
Henry and the Clubhouse Cleary, Beverly 6 RL 5.6 Realistic Fic.
Henry Reed’s Baby-Sitting Service Robertson, Keith 15 RL 5 Realistic Fic.
Henry Reed’s Journey Robertson, Keith 24 RL 5 Realistic Fic.
Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Catcher Coville, Bruce 7 RL 5.8 Fantasy
Journal of James Edmond Pease Murphy, Jim 9 RL 5 Historical Fic.
Kavik the Wolf Dog Morey, Walt 17 RL 5.0 Animal Fic.
King of the Wind Henry, Marguerite 26 RL 5.7 Animal Fic.
Lemon Meringue Dog Morey, Walt 6 RL 5 Animal Fic.
Little House in the Big Woods Wilder, Laura Ingalls 20 RL 5 Historical Fic.
Maniac Magee Spinelli, Jerry 25 RL 5 Realistic Fic.
Lyddi Paterson, Katherine 7 RL 5.9 Historical Fic.
Martin Luther King: The Peaceful Warrior Clayton, Ed 7 RL 5 Biography
Martin’s Mice King-Smith, Dick 5 RL 5.3 Animal Fantasy
Master Puppeteer Paterson, Katherine 8 RL 5 Historical Fic.
Megan’s Island Roberts,Willo Davis 5 RL 5 Mystery
Mouse and the Motorcycle Cleary, Beverly 15 RL 5.8 Animal Fic.
Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle MacDonald, Betty 10 RL 5 Animal Fic.
My Mother Got Married Park, Barbara 15 RL 5 Realistic Fic.
Number the Stars Lowry, Lois 20 RL 5.2 Historical Fic.
On My Honor Bauer, Marion 27 RL 5.3 Realistic Fiction
Our Sixth-Grade Sugar Babies Bunting, Eve 6 RL 5 Realistic Fic.
Park’s Quest Paterson, Katherine 6 RL 5.5 Historical Fic.
Pearl, The Steinbeck, John 11 RL 5 Realistic Fic.
Return Indian Banks, Lynne Reid 8 RL 5.3 Fiction
River Paulsen, Gary 20 RL 5.9 Realistic Fic.
Root Cellar Lunn, Janet 8 RL 5 Historical Fic.
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes Coerr, Eleanor 7 RL 5.0 Biography
Sarah Bishop O’Dell, Scott 26 RL 5.1 Historical Fic.
Shades of Gray Reeder, Carolyn 4 RL 5 Animal Fantasy
Stuart Little White, E.B. 13 RL 5.5 Animal Fic.
Summer of the Swans Byars, Betsy 6 RL 5.2 Realistic Fic.
Toughboy and Sister Hill, Rick 6 RL 5 Realistic Fic.
Trumpet of the Swan White, E.B. 23 RL 5 Animal Fic.
Undying Glory Cox, Clinton 25 RL 5 Biography
Upstairs Room Reiss, Johanna 7 RL 5.4 Biography
View From the Cherry Tree Roberta, Willo 26 RL 5 Mystery
Weasel DeFelice, Cynthia 9 RL 5.2 Historical Fic.
Where The Red Fern Grows Rawls, Wilson 11 RL 5 Animal Fin.
Windmill Hill Slaughter, Hope 8 RL 5.3 Fiction
Wolves of Willoughby Chase Aiken, Joan 15 RL.5.6 Historical Fic.
Wood Song Paulsen, Gary 25 RL 5 Fiction
Words of Stone Henkes, Kevin 6 RL 5 Realistic Fic.

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