Grade 2 Leveled Books

Grade Level 2 Books

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Abe Lincoln’s Hat Brenner, Martha 5 RL 2 Historical Fic.
Amelia Bedelia Parish, Peggy 20 RL 2.6 Fiction
Amelia Bedelia and the Baby Parish, Peggy 6 RL 2.6 Fiction
And I Mean It, Stanley Bonsall, Crosby 14 RL 2.2 Fiction
Animal Tracks Dorros, Arthur 5 RL 2 Informational
Ashanti to Zulu Musgrove, Margaret 13 RL 2 Informational
Big Max Platt, Kin 10 RL 2.2 Mystery
Body Battles Gelman, Rita 12 RL 2 Informational
Chalk Box Kid Bulla, Clyde 13 RL 2.2 Realistic Fic.
Chomp A Book About Sharks Berger, Melvin 5 RL 2 Information
Danny and the Dinosaur Hoff, Syd 12 RL 2.2 Animal Fic.
Drinking Gourd Monjo 10 RL 2.8 Historical Fic.
Emma Kesselman, Wendy 13 RL 2 Fantasy
Frankenstein Moved in on the Fourth Floor Levy, Elizabeth 8 RL 2.8 Fantasy
Frog and Toad Are Friends Lobel, Arnold 13 RL 2.4 Animal Fantasy
Frog and Toad Together Lobel, Arnold 6 RL 2.4 Animal Fantasy
Germs! Germs! Germs! Katz, Bobbi 5 RL 2.0 Informational
Growl! A Book About Bears Berger, Melvin 5 RL 2 Information
Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King Marzollo, Jean 5 RL 2 Biography
Hill of Fire Lewis, Thomas 11 RL 2.6 Historical Fic.
I Have a Sister, My Sister is Deaf Peterson, Jeanne 11 RL 2 Biography
Julian’s Glorious Summer Cameron, Ann 10 RL 2 Realistic Fic.
Little Bear Minarik, Else 17 RL 2.2 Animal Fiction
Littles Peterson, John 17 RL 2.5 Fantasy
Long Way to a New Land Sandin, Joan 13 RL 2 Historical Fic.
Magic Beans Hillert, Margaret 6 RL 2 Fairytale
Me and My Place in Space Sweeney, Joan 5 RL 2 Science Fiction
Me and Neesie Greenfield, Eloise 14 RL 2.5 Realistic Fic.
Midnight Express Wetterer, Margaret 6 RL 2 Mystery
Milk Makers Gibbons, Gail 5 RL 2 Informational
Moon Book Gibbons, Gail 5 RL 2 Informational
Morris Goes to School Wiseman, B. 13 RL 2.2 Animal Fic.
Mouse Tales Lobel, Arnold 14 RL 2.2 Animal Fantasy
My Little Island Lessac, Frane 9 RL 2 Historical Fic.
Nine True Dolphin Stories Davidson, Margaret 8 RL 2 Non-fiction
Now One Foot, Now the Other DePaola,Tomie   RL 2 Realistic Fiction
One in the Middle is a Green Kangaroo Blume, Judy 27 RL 2.0 Fiction
Owl at Home Lobel, Arnold 11 RL 2.2 Animal Fantasy
Perfect Crane Laurin, Anne 5 RL 2.5 Realistic Fic.
Postcards from Pluto: Tour of Solar System Leedy, Loreen 5 RL 2 Science Fic.
Ramona Forever Cleary, Beverly 4 RL 2.9 Realistic Fic.
Russell Sprouts Hurwitz, Johanna 4 RL 2.4 Realistic Fic.
Schoolyard Mystery Levy, Elizabeth 5 RL 2.6 Mystery
Secret Birthday Message Carle, Eric 20 RL 2 Fiction
Skeletons! Skeletons! Hall, Katy 5 RL 2 Non-fiction
Stories Julian Tells Cameron, Ann 7 RL 2.3 Realistic Fic.
Surprises (Selected poems) Hopkins, Lee Bennett 11 RL 2.6 Poetry
Thank You, Amelia Bedelia Parish, Peggy 8 RL 2.6 Fiction
Trail of the Screaming Teenager Giff, Patricia Reilly 6 RL 2 Mystery
Wednesday Witch Chew, Ruth 5 RL 2 Fantasy
Where the Wild Things Are Sendak, Maurice 17 RL 2.2 Fantasy
Witch and the Ring Chew, Ruth 23 RL 2 Fantasy

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