Grade 4 Leveled Books

Grade Level 4 Books

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100 Dresses Estes, Eleanor 9 RL 4.9 Fiction
Aesop’s Fables McGovern, Ann 10 RL 4 Fables
American Tall Tales Osborne, Mary Pope 2 RL 4 Folklore
Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days Manes, Stephen 33 RL 4 Realistic Fic.
Blood (Kids Discover) Kids Discover 25 RL 4 Informational
Burning Questions of Bingo Brown Byars, Betsy 6 RL 4 Realistic Fic.
Charlotte’s Web White, E.B. 32 RL 4.5 Animal Fic.
Dead Man in Indian Creek Hahn, Mary 2 RL 4.6 Mystery
Dear Mr. Henshaw Cleary, Beverly 23 RL 4.7 Realistic Fic.
Finding Buck McHenry Slote, Alfred 5 RL 4 Realistic Fic.
First Dog Brett, Jan 5 RL 4 Animal Fic.
Good, the Bad, and the Goofy Scieszka, Jon 9 RL 4 Fantasy
Great Brain Reforms Fitzgerald, John 3 RL 4.9 Historical Fic.
Henry Huggins Cleary, Beverly 4 RL 4 Realistic Fic.
I Am the Ice Worm Easley, MaryAnn 3 RL 4.5 Realistic Fic.
Incredible Inventions Carmichael, Nicole 5 RL 4 Informational
James and the Giant Peach Dahl, Roald 14 RL 4.5 Fantasy
Kid in the Red Jacket Park, Barbara 6 RL 4.5 Realistic Fic.
Knee-Knock Rise Babbitt, Natalie 8 RL 4 Fiction
Lewis and Clark (Kids Discover) Kids Discover 25 RL 4 Informational
Lion to Guard Us Bulla, Clyde 10 RL 4 Historical Fic.
Mr. Popper’s Penguins Atwater, Richard 4 RL 4 Animal Fantasy
Muscles, Our Muscular System Simon, Seymour 5 RL 4 Informational
No Flying in the House Brock, Betty 11 RL 4 Fantasy
Orp and the Chop Suey Burgers Kline, Suzy 9 RL 4.5 Realistic Fic.
Pioneers (Kids Discover) Kids Discover 25 RL 4 Informational
Plant That Ate Dirty Socks, Return of McArthur, Nancy 26 RL 4 Science Fic.
Ramona and Her Father Cleary, Beverly 14 RL 4 Realistic Fic.
Ramona and Her Mother Cleary, Beverly 5 RL 4 Realistic Fic.
Rascal North, Sterling 25 RL 4 Animal Fic.
Red Pony Steinbeck, John 5 RL.4 Animal Fic.
Return to Holiday Inn Howe, James 7 RL 4.7 Animal Fan.
Shiloh Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds 9 RL 4.4 Animal Fic.
Snow Treasure McSwigan, Marie 15 RL 4.6 Historical Fic.
Sounder Armstrong, William 36 RL 4 Animal Fiction
Soup Peck, Robert 14 RL 4.6 Historical Fic.
Stepping on the Cracks Hahn, Mary 5 RL 4.8 Historical Fic.
Summer of the Monkeys Rawls, Wilson 6 RL 4 Poetry
Taste of Blackberries Smith, Doris 9 RL 4 Realistic Fic.
Thank You, Jackie Robinson Cohen, Barbaba 6 RL 4. Historical Fic.
Tyrannosaurus Was a Beast (Poems) Prelutsky, Jack 6 RL 4 Poetry
Volcano Lauber, Patricia 13 RL 4 Informational
Whales Simon, Seymour 5 RL 4 Informational
What Eric Knew Howe, James 30 RL 4 Mystery
Where Was Patrick Henry on the 29th of May? Fritz, Jean 5 RL 4.2 Biography
Whipping Boy Fleischman, Sid 31 RL 4 Historical Fic.

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