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Thai earns her Started sheep and duck title and Most Promising Started Aussie

At just over a year old Rumi earns his AKC TD on his first try!


Australian Shepherds are a very versatile breed. They can excel at obedience, herding, conformation, agility, flyball, tracking or almost any other dog sport. However, this does not mean that they are an easy breed with which to compete. They are very reactive to new people, places, and situations. Without proper socialization, training, and exercise, Australian Shepherds will react in inappropriate ways to new experiences; especially stressful ones.

Therefore, early socialization is a must. This is not a passive activity where the puppy is taken everywhere with their owner; rather it is time that is planned with the puppy's training and well-being as the primary focus. Even with training and socialization that would be adequate for many other breeds, Australian Shepherds may present behaviors that can baffle even experienced dog owners.

Living with one or more Australian Shepherds requires providing both physical and mental stimulation daily. Training for just 15 minutes a day will often tire the dog out more than an hour or more of frisbee. Aussies, (and many other breeds), do not respond well to training based on aversive methods. Clicker training, or any other training based on positive reinforcement and operant conditioning, is ideally suited for this breed.

I have owned Australian Shepherds for more than 15 years and have trained and competed in obedience, conformation, and herding. Leslie Frank, of Propwash Farm, has let me live and work with many wonderful dogs. Along the way I am sure they have taught me much more than I ever taught them. Some of that information can be found on these pages.

Please remember to spay or neuter your pets so that they live longer and happier lives. For more information on spaying or neutering click on this icon.



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