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On our main website you will find lots of free unique teaching tools, online interactive activities, projects, worksheets and hundreds of other resources to help with your students daily educational learning adventure. At Teaching Treasures we hope you will enjoy your visit and return to find many teaching tools and activities. These free educational activities only remain free by the generous support of customers who purchase our products. Our products have been designed to bring out the treasures in all children and we encourage enjoyment in education, research skills, thought process, individual and collaborative learning. The products are also designed to save your time and enhance your current educational program. Take a look at the printable worksheets for busy teachers in the new P.E.T area of Teaching Treasures. The Teacher Assistant software provides with the click of a mouse thousands of unique worksheets, many with helpful teacher notes, answers & extra suggested activities. The product covers all learning areas ages 5 to 13 and makes a very handy teacher tool. Take a peek at our learning tool concept to learn more. In addition to all the educational material on this site, we provide some links pages that link to many other helpful online resources. We hope you and your children enjoy the many online interactive activities, projects, lesson plan ideas, worksheets and many other facets of Teaching Treasures.

Teaching Treasures
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