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Welcome to the Teacup Garden Studio
The Teacup Garden Studio got its name from the eclectic collection of teacups and saucers scattered throughout our small wildflower and herb gardens.

Watercolorist and fiber artist Laurel Weathersbee has been drawing, painting, pasting and dabbling since she could hold a pencil and use scissors.

Laurel's most recent works have been torn- and cut-paper watercolor collages of landscapes, plants, flowers and churches in the North American Southwest deserts. Full and half sheets of lightweight watercolor paper are taken to the driveway where they are brushed, splashed and spattered with a wide range of vibrant watercolor paints, then treated in various ways to get texture -- lots of texture. Some sheets are misted with more water or alcohol, some are sprinkled with salt or grass clippings or leaves, some are covered with sheets of wrinkled plastic wrap. All are left to dry, brushed clean and taken in to the studio, where they will eventually be torn into strips or cut in intricate shapes and used to "paint" the Southwest landscapes and close-ups. Check out the gallery...
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