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Just Nan's Potpourri, stitched Spring, 1999

Welcome back!

A Quilt Square I made for a dear internet friend of mine.




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Please excuse the "mess", I'm trying to get this whole site revamped.  It's certainly about time!  Links are working, but there may be occasional downtime over the next several weeks.  (August 31st, 2000)  Happy Thursday!


Photographs from our valiant effort in the Bride's of Burden Contest held in the Moxie's lot in February, 1999! : r a d i o q . c o m : We're OnLine! :

 Gradfinder - Keep in touch with friends from school!

coming soon... photos from our valiant effort to be married in Vegas,
with Ed Bain (of the Q-100) in his unforgettable 'brides of burden' contest!
tee hee! (this has been a long time coming... I finally found my photos, so 
I plan to get them scanned and posted this  weekend)

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