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BBS_Deathscythe has been removed from the squadron for cheating the squadron. Remember that...

Please Click here ONCE
    ,to the Black Blood Squadron's home page. We are a squadron of the CZleagues. The squadron is for the game Crimson Skies (Download the Trial).

    The commanding officers in this squadron are BBS_Leader, BBS_Deathscythe, and BBS_Hawk. BBS_Hawk is the Webmaster of the BBS homepage, BBS_Leader is the Leader of the squadron, and BBS_Deathscythe is Manager.

    The unit roster is the full list of all the members of the Black Blood Squadron. To join the squadron, Ask BBS_Leader. He'll give you instructions on how to become a member, and the requirments. See the Join page for more details.

    If you are interested in joining, and would like to be trained, or even tested to see if you need to be trained, then please head to the Training section. There's info on what the programs offer, and who to contact if you would like to enhance your Crimson Skies experience.

    If you are new to Crimson Skies, and would like to get to know more about the game, then head to the page for newbies. It has info on planes, slang, tips, and the type of ammunition unsed in the game.

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    | |_| | | |_| |  ___| |      | |_| | | |_| | | | | | \  |        | |   | |_| | | |_| |  / /  | |   / /    
    |_____/ |_____/ /_____/      \_____/ \_____/ |_| |_|  \_|        |_|   \_____/ |_____/ /_/   |_|  /_/     

     News Posted By: BBS_Leader
     Posted on July 20/02

    Hello and if you are from BBS I expect you are happy from hearing from me. I am sad to say that BBS is in a time of hibernation and will not recruit or fight all the way until the end of the summer. We are going to also open a Warcraft III section of the site. You will probably not hear from me until the end of the summer, but when I come back I will stronger than ever. Bye for now, BBS_Leader.

     News Posted By: BBS_Leader
     Posted on June 22/02

    We opened the sounds page and has so far 10 sounds (we wish to make more in the future.) The funstuff page is coming a long with only the links not done so if you have some good links please e-mail me! The members page forum has been updated and so have the members downloads. We have made changes including javascripts that will hopefully make the page run more smoothly. Please feel free to e-mail me your comments. We have decided that only 4 news collumns will be allowed on our page so we delted some. We hope that you join BBS and thank-you for visiting, and reading :)

     News Posted By: BBS_Hawk
     Posted on June 18/02

    Just for fun, (and to better occupie my time) i've decided to create a "Fun Stuff" page for everyone. The page includes games like a target range, flyswatter and AlienX. It'll also include links (cool sites, CS things etc.), and a page on some planes that never made it to the actual Crimson Skies game.

    The newbie section is finally open, a little earlier before what I had expected. You can find info on stock planes, game tips, cheats, and slang.

    Our logo has changed to all who haven't noticed. It looks better to me and Leader. Send your remarks to me if you wish.

     News Posted By: BBS_Hawk
     Posted on June 12/2002

    We have news planes in the downloads section for the members! New planes include custom warhawks, firebrands, and hoplites! Free for members only to download.

    In the process of creating a newbie section for everyone to view. It'll include descriptions on stock planes, slang terms, hints on building good custom planes, and some more things which i haven't thought of yet :).

    The Wall of Shame is going to be moved to our message board. I think that it'll be easier to post rippers there, instead of emailing me.

    Art for our art page is coming in slowly. The art page can be accesed for everyone to view, around the end of June. Still need some cool photos though...

    Schedualed battles has been moved to the members area, seeing how it makes more sense to have it there.

    Sounds page is being created as fast as we can create it. We have a total of 25 sounds/loops/music for you to listen to. The page will be open to the public instead of just members.