ICA stands for International Car Association

Welcome to the official homepage of the ICA.  This club is devoted to being the best at Midtown Madness 2 as well as having tons of fun and laughter!
And if you like to cruise and play cnr this is the club for you!!! We turn cruising into a fun experience!!!

If you would like to join please see ICA_Leo_760li, ICA_Darko_Yugo, ICA_740il, ICA_EON_BLUE or ICA_CR33d_z3 on the MSN gaming zone.

We apologise for any inconviennce because this page is under some renovations.

However most of the website is still up.

Please all members, respect what other people  (including people outside ICA) like and dislike about cars.  We all like different kinds of cars and we should have the right to like what we want.
These are  links to webpages that you can download MM2 cars from.
Contact Info:
Leo (ICA_Leo_760li)
Team Cars (downloads)
Team Members (list)
    Allies's Websites
Find a car:
If you like cars in REAL LIFE you can search them up just above.    Just type in what you're looking for eg. HSV VT Clubsport or BMW E46 M3 Convertible.
Iron Crew Website
Project 540i

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MM2RT Website
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Messenge: 22th of August
It's ICA_Darko_Yugo,
  As you can see we have the winner and the logo has been put up on the website the winner is ICA_Leo_760li. Even thought he is the boss there was no cheting because we had a official poll. We have counted the votes and the votes revealed that Leo is the winner. I havent wrote for a while but i have a messaege for the team. As you might of relised ICA_Okeon has left us he has resigned and sai good bye to all of you
As for the guestbook we had some complaints for taking it off but we have found out that the massages were rubbish.We might hae some other cmpetitons but we can not tell you anything about it at the moment.                                                               


Messenge: 18th of August
Its Leo (I haven't posted a messenge for a long time)

Well, I'm very happy with the comments in the geust book. (except Tim's comments).  Also some other good news, ICA_CoBrA2, ICA_740il and ICA_RSP are back after a long time.

A new team car will also be here soon.   It will be an edited version of the BMW NRM M3 Convertible from www.midtownmadness2.de
Performance will be very slightly better.  New engine sounds as well.
Its Leo here.

This idea has been in my head for some time now.  I just haven't had the courage to try it.  But its going to be put into action.
I want ICA to go truely International. People around the globe will be taking turns at different times to do tryouts.  Hopefully we can get people to do it around the clock.  There will be multiple shifts.

eg: Me and Darko (and psoibly others) will take care of tryouts at the times: 5pm-10.30pm Australian EST  And other people will take care of tryouts at other times, we hope to have people doing tryouts around the clock, becuase recently I could feel ICA dying recently.
It hurts me badly knowing that the way its going, ICA will die before the end of this year.  However, I will fight against this.  Please, step forward and e-mail me about doing tryouts.  I need people around the clock.  People in the American and European areas are needed desperatly.  Of course, everyone from anywhere are needed.
If you are interested in helping out, e-mail me at leonardbmw@hotmail.com                                   Leo.
It's ICA_Darko_Yugo
I havent wrote a while now and we are not dead we are just getting into it we r basck in zone in out maximum numbers few nights ago we had 9 people in we could not all fit in one room which is a great sign. I have to go to the hospial now because my sister gave birth. I will see you all at zone                                                 DARKO
Messenge: 23rd of August
Messenge: 29th of August
Messenge: 15th of September
2 things to be said today.  One is good and one is bad.  The bad news...  I am very dispointed with ICA members.  Most of you guys only show up on the zone when I tell you to go on MSN Messenger.
So, please, go on the zone as often as you guys can, ICA will die if this does not happen
Now the good news...  ICA is now 1 year old.   We've survived for all this time, and I would like to keep it going for at LEAST one more year.  Posibly more depending on how good MM3 will be.
Sounds to me that it will be fantastic.      :D        LEO.
Messenge: 17th of September
This Friday (20th) I will be heading off for vacation.  I should be back in about 10 days after.  I will continue to check my e-mail up in Maylaysia, so you are welcome to send me e-mails.

And one more thing I forgot to mention on the 15th.  I would like to thank everyone.  I mean absolutly everyone, that was or is involved with ICA / AAEICC.  Your contribution was marvoulous over the past year.  Even if you just go off to the zone to play with other people that are not ICAs.  You are doing ICA a good deed.  You get us noticed around the world.

And after saying that.  I would like to make a short list of the people that has been with us for a very long time.  Those people are...
ICA_EON_BLUE, ICA_Oakeon (who recently left), ICA_CR33d_z3 (formaly known as ICA_Creed), ICA_740il (formaly know as ICA_Cooper), ICA_VeRySoNy (Formaly co-boss and formaly know as AAEICC_DUMMER),ICA_TERRO (formaly known as ICA_Terroist), ICA_demon and ICA_MoRpHeUs and of course ICA_Darko_Yugo.  Darko hasn't been with us as long  as the other people listed, but he has done a marvorlous job for the past 7 or 8 months as a co-boss.  So he derserves a round of applause. 
And for the people that were not mentioned, you are (of course) still a very inportant part of ICA.  Keep playing!
Hey Team its ICA_Darko_Yugo
Well after reading the bosses message on the bottom i was objecting a little when he said we are dying because i went to zone few times these few days to check out if anyone is there and there have been few people on which i was glad about. But still we need to get new members and get ICA into action again i ask everyone tottaly everybody to go to zone and show them selves and also i would like the recruiters to get some new members. I am coming back from holidays this Monday and i will do the best i can to get us back on zone.. C'mon team we can do it get out there and help us                                                  HELP YOUR TEAM!!

Messenge: 10th of October 2002
Messenge: 9th of October
Well I am very annoyed with almost everyone here at ICA, lots of people have been very disloyal.  Lots of you I see on msn but not on the zone, WHATS GOING ON?????

ICA will die if this is kept up, so please, this is my very last attempt to make ICA live, all the bosses, go out and get some tryouts done, all the members please come back to the zone.

Thanks, bye (maybe for the last time)

Messenge: 12th of October 2002
On the members page I have deleted all the people that have been missing for some time.  If you have seen your name has been deleted, send me an e-mail at leonardbmw@hotmail.com

Theres not much of us left, death has cornered us.
But we're going to pull out a gun and survive.
New members should come soon.
Messenge: 17th of November 2002
Yeah its been a long time since I updated.  Things at ICA have gotten so bad that I have decided to say to all ICAs.  To take a break from the zone untill MM3 comes.  You may of course continue with ICA events, but you may stop.  This is being put in place because ICA has almost died about 3 times now, and we all need a break.  So untill MM3 comes, Adious!!!  Leo
Messenge: 19th of March 2003
ICA will be igniting its engines again for the first time in almost a year in 3 weeks from now.  So far, I have got Darko and Dingo to be with me on this reserection.  If you are interested in helping out          (even playing MM2 on the zone as an ICA) please e-mail me at

Messenge: 11th of April 2003
I know its a little over due.  But we are finaly kicking off today.
ICA shall expand to Battlefield 1942 and its mods, Red Faction and of course, Midtown Madness 3 when it arrives.

For the moment, we're concentrating on expanding / getting back to:
Battlefield 1942 / Desert Combat
Midtown Madness 2
Red Faction

A new website is also in the works.  Its being made by ICA_Police (more well known as Dean or Dopy Dingo).

It will feature a new banner, completely new interface and so on and so fourth.  It will also be on a different server so our website won't be going down so often (sorry Geocities, but your bandwith is pathethic).

We also need a new co-boss (no, Darko is doing a great job and he will stay on).  So we will have 2 co-bosses and me running ICA.

Speaking of which, ICA will also be changing names because,
International Car Association just simply dosn't fit Red Faction and Battlefield 1942.

The new name will be decided within the comming weeks.
I would also like to thank Creed for making us the new picture up the top. I put together the basic idea and Creed made it awsome!

Messenge: 22nd of April 2003
This will the final update for this website.  The new website is up at  www.teamudf.tk          Oh yeah, i know its old news, but we've changed names to UDF (United Driving Force).

The new website isn't fully up yet, but we are planning to do alot of new stuff here at UDF. 

Messenge: 24th of April 2003
I regret to inform everyone at UDF that somthing terrible has been done.  And this time, I am the one to blame.  I am sorry to have let everyone down here, but its my fault.  I have delayed the new website from being fully open for quite some time.
So this website will be the main UDF website, but at this time I will not change the address of the website.

I got into an argument with Dean, and now the new website has been delayed.  I am still annoyed at myself for being such an idiot about arguing with him.

Yeah yeah, you can all blame me about this, it was completely my fault.  I'm still very upset about this though, arguing with my mate, Dean.

Oh well, moving onto a nicer note.
Our first carpack is ready, there some content in there which is being debated on about whether it should be in or not.  But if that content isn't put in, it'll be put into a into another pack.

The content being debated on is the BMW M5.   Some people think its a supercar, others don't think so.   Personaly I think it is, but others may disagree. That will be sorted out another time.

Moving on, I have also completed a new race car class system which will aid all of us in creating fair races in the future.
I shall unveil more details about it as the release date comes closer.

The carpack will be available for download when the new website is up.  Sorry about my mistake that has delayed this.

I also wanna tell everyone here at UDF;  And I am including everyone that was with ICA or AAEICC in past.
That, you aren't just members or co-bosses, or head of racing.
You're a hell lot more then that.
You're all my friends, in fact you're all pretty much, apart of my family.   I wanna thank EVERYONE that is part of UDF or was part of UDF.   Most of you have been absolutly fantastic.

Especialy ICA_Police (also known as Dingo or Dean), you've been so generous about making the new website.  Even if you are going to get it done at the end of the year.  I'm very greatful that you're appart of this team.  You've also been good friend to me man.
Sorry about the argument, I'm very patriotic.

On an even nicer note, I am planing on having UDF do a new Race Wars Program.   I want us to be out there in the heat of competetion, with UDFs and non-UDFs.  We are going to go out there and start racing!!!
This program will be put into place once the new website is up.

I am also planning on putting up a score area on the new website (with permision from Dean)to display race results.

Also we have allied with Team BMW.  You people might starting thinking that I allied them ONLY because they are for BMWs.
But you're dead wrong, thats one of the main reasons, I admit, but they love racing.  And as I said earlier, we'll be doing alot more of that in the future.

On a even nicer note.  (I know this is completely irrelevant)

I have just gone out with a very special girl!!! :D
Shes so cute, I just had to tell everyone.
She has the most dazzling eyes I've seen in any girl.

I'm so lucky!!!

Oh yeah, and if you were one of the 20 people that wished me luck on today's date.  Thanks heaps, I think that luck helped :D



Its been a very long time since I have updated and alot has happened since the 24th of April.   We expanded to Battlefield 1942, unsucessfully I admit however.   But we are coming back to life on the day Midtown Madness 3 is released.  I have gone around asking people from the past to come back to the dead clan to revive it.

So far we have

Darko Yugo
Dopy Dingo
740il (also known as Cooper)
And others I think, my memory sucks!

Anyways, if you are a past member for this clan and are interested in joining up again for MM3.   Please e-mail me at leonardbmw@hotmail.com

When we return we shall return with the name "UDF".   Which stands for United Driving Force.  When we return we shall NOT expand to games that are not related to cars.   Battlefield was a disaster for us and I do not want to make the same mistake twice.

Messenge: 14th of December 2003