Last Updated:
May 24, 2005
Welcome to Team BOOM's Raw Deal Web-site.
Tournament Report
- It's entirely in the forums now.
Easter Egg Hunt
- Click here to find a list of the cards with Easter Eggs.
Fantasy Cards
- Click to see fantasy cards made by our team.
Trading Zone
- Click to see a list of trades and post up your trades.
*** An alternate list is also in the Forums now.
Team Talk
- Click to see our strategies, tips, decks, and toughts of the game.
*** The Team is talkin' up a storm, but in the Forums, just like most of our other important stuff.
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About Team BOOM!
- All about our BOOMing team.
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Our latest win is in the Tournament Reports of the Forums.
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Forums are current!  ... sort of ... trying to breath a new life into them, lol!
New photos of Team Boom added, so check 'em out!