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Welcome to team ĐRăgÔñ§²ºº¹

This site is dedicated to the great game Elastomania. It contains  news, calendar downloads, elastomania tips,  tournaments, information on team
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Elastomania is a 2d motorbike game, where you have to control your bike trough different levels, collecting apples and reaching the exit….easy?…...don't think so. Your bike is extremely hard to control and  this means that you have to master the controls first. Every time you reach a certain speed, your bike begins to lean backwards. Using skill, you have to control your bike making sure you head, hits no platform. Welcome to the wonderful world of Elastomania…..

We are organizing a 2001 'Dragon' championship, where everyone is welcome to compete. It will be held over 5 levels. The season will begin January 3rd and competitors will have until January 21st to send in replays of your fastest times. The winner will be announced on the site, in the competition page.

In the Calendar section the dates of the other levels will be displayed. It will be updated after every round, so keep checking back for updates.

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