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June 8, 2001

Lots has happened since April. Im sorry for slacking on our web page. My cable went out, but i should hopefully be getting t it back in a week or two. I promise when i get my connectiona back im going to upgrade our web page..

Recent news is we have two awesome new members to the family. We all would like to welcome you  [.E><E] WING NUT and Ki||erc|own;  hope we can all learn from each other. Ill make you both a personal profile when i get my connection. If i can have you both email your info to our team email, that would help me out a lot.

Team [.E><E] has entered in a battle of the clans, to see whos the best of the best. Our first match was last night with TSK. It was fair and square, and no excuses we lost 15/11. Thank you all .EXE who contributed to this event.Specail thanx to [.E><E] Sphinx for getting this match together for our team, and a BIG thanx to [.E><E] Bubbles for giving up his spot on the tournament so the rest of us can play. I know that our team saw and learned from all our mistakes from our first match. Our next match is clan nx. We'll keep you posted on when the date is for the next match. All we have to say is things are going to be different this time around, and we hope your ready for us nx. HEHE.

April 25, 2001

Nothing but good news!!! We have a discusion board for the public and team [.E><E] private. Our server is loking VERY NICE. Personally i think its the best server for counter-strike, and im not just saying that cause its our server. If you dont believe me go check it out for yourself!!! Plus after your done playing on the server come back to our web page and veiw your stats. We owe a BIG thanx to [.E><E] TWistEdSoLdiEr!!! Keep up the good work. [.E><E] MoreOn should be back soon from his honey moon. We miss you MoreOn,and we hope your having the best time!!! Youll have to tell us all about your honey moon when you get back. Next plans for our team is, open a central U.S. counter-strike server. We'll keep you posted. 

April 12, 2001

We have have another player to our family [.E><E] TWistEdSoLdiEr. Nice to have you on our team. when you see [.E><E] TWistEdSoLdiEr give him a good welcome!!!

After seaching and serching for a good server to play on we finally narrowed it down to the best server. our server!!! thats right we have our own team [.E><E] public server. THANX TO [.E><E] TWistEdSoLdiEr!!! Hes the head man for the server so if you have any problems or question ask him or post it up on our message board. We are getting a new message board soon; because the on we have now is ghetto. our server is
[.E><E]Counter-Strike FF is on- please give us a week to fix out all the bugs and we are working on the stats for the server. thank you