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Gear up for the annual COTA walk!!

Get ready for this year's annual COTA walk! This year it will help support a relative of one of Team GEM members. He is currently struggling with cancer and will appreciate all the financial help he can get. More info will be coming soon.

As most of you know, the COTA walk is one of Team GEM's largest annual fundraisers. This is sponsered by COTA, children's organ transplant organization. They provide financial aid to children struggling with leukemia. Every year, Team GEM partners with them to do a charity walk. In 2006, the walk was held at Tinker Park in March. A handful of about 20 people showed up and together, they raised over $1,000 for the walk! Barbeque and Pizza Two contributed four large pizzas for the walkers.

For those of you checking this site regularly, thank you for your support!! All other fundraisers that have been mentioned have been canceled due to lack of time/support. Please continue to regularly watch our site for updates.