Stuart Saunders, Jack Martin, Ben Hamilton, Sean Fleming, Joe Jones, Mathew Martin, Mark Edwards, Mark Aplin, Nick Taylor
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New Guest Book!!
Ok everyone we have a brand new guest book u can sign it as much as you want guys it doesnt matter, also we can use it as a message thing where we can all talk to each other hope to see you leave loads of messages. Please dont fill it with Rubish though because that just makes the guest book look dumb and Crap ok lol sorry to say that but its true ok please leave messages on the guest book ill be seeing you all LATER!!
Also there will be a new sk8 park built in Plymouth more soon!!
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Back To Cheapy School
Everyone is back to school and skate time has been cut short. School sux, Jack has a new deck so does Joe. Our skate team could be getting some more sponsors very soon, i have asked them if they will sponsor and now all i am wating for is a reply. Now back to the cheapy school stuff. Everyone one has to re attened school, noone of us want to i know but we have to, all i say is make ur teachs life a living hel and get thrown out. Then u can skate again until u get a new school. ill be seeing you later more news on Saturday the 16th of November. Stuart Loves Sarah!!! Sarah Loves Stuart!!!
Brand New Bam Margera Him 2 Deck Now Out!
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