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5.09.00 -- Paintball Junkies Inc. on board for the year 2000!

Team Absolute Carnage is extremly proud and excited to announce that Paintball Junkies Inc. will now be a helpful hand through the rest of the 2000 Paintball Season. For additional information on Paintball Junkies Inc. please reffer to Team Absolute Carnage > Sponsors. Their you'll find brief information on Paintball Junkies Inc. as well as contact information.

5.06.00 -- 1st Place Victory, Congratulations to Team Absolute Carnage

Congratulations to Team Absolute Carnage for their 1st place finish at a local tournament in South Carolina. Team Absolute Carnage went into the semi-finals with a 285pt. 2nd place finish in the preliminaries. Other teams that attended were, Team Colors, Voodoo Crew and other Amateur ranked teams.

5.03.00 -- Page layout change...

Today we went ahead and changed the layout a bit from what it was when the site first went up. If you have any questions you'd like to have an answer to feel more then free to ask em on the Absolute Carnage Interactive Message Board, you can access it by clicking the Logo at the top of the page.

We'd like to thank Jim Murray and Ground Zero for letting us gank a couple images off their webpage, they were just too cool lookin not to gank. You can view Team Ground Zero's Website by clicking their banner below or by clicking
Team Ground Zero.

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