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By proceeding past this page you agree that you are over the age of 18.  All content within this site is strictly for news, reporting, discussing and creating awareness of Team Burbs and the 'wannabe lad' culture that follows suite. This site does not promote or condone football violence, neither does it promote or condone dispersing flares, if Team Burbs are losing, to get the match abandoned. Anything that appears on this site, or due to users of this site, should be considered coincidental and is purely the responsibly of the user, more then likely, one of the 'Burbs'. No person on this site claim to be involved with football violence of any kind or accept any responsibility for the recent demise of Hobnob. We contend to keep this site as honest and as fair as possible. Some content may be of an adult nature (hopefully) and more then likely of a very immature nature which could be found offensive by some individuals (most likely Hobnobbers). Enter at your own risk...............SACK HOON!