September 10th, 2002

The Society didn't do as well as hoped at JPS, but hey new pics... check them out.

September 3rd, 2002

been a while but we have some more tourney's to do. and might i add the Society now officially uses Steel Balls, with a great performance and a scent appeal.

June 10th, 2002

Dark Society welcomes a new memeber to the clan. May 16th, 2002

Dark Society in a joint effort with Team Ice will be at the may 19th 3-man at Splat House Paintball in Dewitt. the players will be from DS: Luke Cole, Drew Munchbach, and from Ice we are borrowing their team captain Seth... if you want to show your support check out splat house here

May 8th, 2002

NEWS BREAK!!!! Dark Society may be playing in a 3-man at Dewitts Splat-House Paintball

May 5th, 2002

Dark Society came together with its newest additions, Ed and Bud, to compete at Colors Paintball's 5-man. Society did not play up to expectations ,but cap Luke Cole is quoted the day after as saying it was his favorite tournament ever. beating out Aces Wild and an Outkast team in total points Society will have some pics soon. Good Job Team...

March 17th, 2002

Team Dark Society competed in the Jackson Indoor 3-man. The other teams there included Aces Wild, Team Colors, Dark Side and Dark side Gold, Total Defiance, a throw together including a couple from the former pusher boys now JPS Factory and another guy, our buds-Team Ice, and BMD. It was a fun event. We would like to thank the JPS Factory team on a good job reffing the event. The Society did pretty good for being our first event together... we came in 50 points short of the finals, but managed to pull off best sportsmanship award... (thanks JPS Factory). Randy Woodland's new team of Colors Paintball won the first place in the finals too... i would just like to send congrats out to Randy. stay tuned for some pics of the event... that is if they turn out :)...

February 21st, 2002

many of our loyal fans out there have probably been scratching their heads at us so far this season.... why you ask? well, i will go right into the nitty gritty. recently our co-cap leo resigned from the team, he will be greatly missed. to make up for leo our sponsor drew from Lansing Paintball Outlet AKA= Lansing Paintball & Supplies, has joined our team. we are glad to welcome drew to our family. drew will be making his first appearance with us at Jackson Indoor Paintball on March 17th for their 3-man.

to address the wackiness of our site resently, we have sorta been making it match our colors this year. we will be in blue Paintball Junkies jerseys this year. and with all the blue... some players are going to the edge with it... we are thinking of changing jay to "papa smurf"...

so please bare with us on the page.... if you have any complaints or comments feel free to pour your soul out to luke... just subject an email to Luke and send it here

December 19th, 2001

The Society is assisting a local paintball store out for the 2002 season. Lansing Paintball & Supply is the newest paintball outfitters in the Lansing area. "We are going to do everything we can to help them." said Luke Cole, Team Captain. The doors have not officially opened yet but already the owners have quite a selection from 32 Degrees, PMI, and Kingman International. Dark Society will be handing out business cards and flyers for Lansing Paintball & Supply along with wearing their name around and purchasing all of their supplies and gear exclusively from them.

Keep checking back for the latest and for the website of Lansing Paintball & Supply that is in the works right now.

December 6th, 2001

The Dark Society has already named the three going to the Chaos indoor 3-man. Lu, Jay, and Leo will be the three playing and Mike may be assisting.

December 5th, 2001

the society is planning on attending a 3-man at chaos's indoor field in battle creek michigan on january 12th and a 5-man on february 10th.

November 28th, 2001

Team Unknown Officially changes name to Team Dark Society.