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This is just a temp site I am putting up while I re-build the site. The site is going under a major re-build!

The new site will have a custom made forum (which I am really happy with  =)

All that is here are these pages! (4 in total!)


I am building a Super-Ant at the moment, 2x Acoms servo for drive, a LEGO pneumatic powered flipper (will make it out of plastic some time for MKII) also the ram isn't the best (It work...well but is hard to mount and is weak as it is made out of plastic!), I am thinking of Robart for that, another problem is the air-reservoir some sort of metal cylinder would be good, the last thing is the valve... I have now, a servo (Futaba micro servo, can't remember the make, 9.5g, 1.2Kg/Cm) but it isn't great

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