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  CS art from www.counter-strike.net and special thanks to the CS Team for designing such a wonderful game experience. Desert Eagle photos from www.magnumresearch.com Pictures of Steven E. Ellis from www.steveellis.com
  If you have any questions about TDE or this site, just drop me an email at Rip3001@yahoo.com or drop us a post on our message board.
Proving That Handguns Are Nothing To Laugh At
  You peek around the corner and spot a group of four terrorist standing guard with various high-powered assualt rifles and machine-guns. You go through your inventory which includes a 7" combat knife, 9mm handgun, UMP.45 Sub Machine-gun, auto-shotgun, three frag grenades, and a rocket launcher...you pull out your handgun.

   Sound familar? If so, you also enjoy the satisfaction of taking down an army with just a handgun. There's just something about them that makes you pick them over a more powerful weapon. If you've ever played 007 GoldenEye(N64), Medal of Honor(PS), Syphon Filter(PS), or Soldier of Fortune (PC) then you know what I'm talking about. They're accurate and extremely deadly in the right hands. There's nothing better then taking down four enemies with four bullets.

   Team Desert Eagle is a new society of gamers who embrace their pistol passions. While not all may be that good with them, what counts is that they love it and all are welcome to join!

   TDE is not a clan, it is a society of gamers who have a common love for using handguns in any game. You don't have to use only handguns, just have to have that love for them. Show the world that you're one of "those" guys...

   It's easy to join TDE, just send an email to
teamdeagle@yahoo.com with your game name and your full real name (First and last). We'll add you to the "Wall of Members" then just add =TDE= to the end of your name.

   For now there is few of us, but with your help soon, there will be many of us. Remember TDE is NOT as clan, there's no commentment to any of us, we are a society of gamers.

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You need Java to see this applet.