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April 19 2004 Updated By

L-Unit did the funniest thing today. We raced a greasy guy in LEgal and made him fuck up his engine. We're still trying to figure out ideas on what the hell to do. Best things happened was our man L-Dawg at the gay dance and the parties at the pumphouse. Fukin drunks to shit, and we gunna go to MAy long hell yeah baby! If you got ideas, tell in the guestbook.

_______________________________________________________________________________ April 11 2004 Updated By

I present -{LeGaL's Kr3W}- We sat our lazy asses down in Chad's basement watching our old movies. DuMaSs 1, 2, & 3. We are currently working on 4th one but have no fuckin ideas! We got 20 minutes of shit so far, and we must say, it's our best. Including Mario shittin in a bag, dragged behind quad, summertime skiing, Bryan Fellows, and That 70s Show! We will try to get some dam pictures in here, then one day, we will be famous. Yeh thats right you little bitch!

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