George Mason University
INFS-640 (E-commerce)

An Analysis of eBay


2. Introduction
Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) is a very important business model that provides a way for consumers to sell (commercial transaction) to each other through Internet using action sites. eBay is the most popular C2C web site with 12 million items listed under 18,000 categories with a revenue of $14.87 billion in 2002. Time spent on eBay by Internet users in 2002 was the highest compared to other sites like AOL, Google or Yahoo with more than 2 hours on average per day.
Our group project gives a broad outline of the users and financials of in sections 3 and 4. The next section (section 5) examines the architecture and facilities of eBay followed by marketing plan which includes the revenue model of eBay and other strategies that helped the growth of its business. Section 7 goes over the details of security issues on eBay related to payment systems, credit card information etc. Ethical, social, political and legal issues are the topics of section 9. An example of Columbia space shuttle disaster is included. The final section (section 10) draws conclusion from all these discussions.
The following team members worked on various sections outlined above:

Section 3 and 4: Users and Financial – Chris.
Section 5: Infrastructure – Clayton.
Section 6: Marketing – Siwa.
Section 7: Security - Vignesh, Karyese.
Section 8: Ethical, social, political and legal – Teja.
Section 9: Conclusions – all team members.