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INFS-640 (E-commerce)

An Analysis of eBay

3.0 Population

eBay, by far, is the most popular online auction used today. It is also the most heavily populated auction site. Since the early beginning, EBay has created its own unique community and marketplace like no other.
The eBay community is made up of a variety of people: individual buyers and sellers, small businesses and even Fortune 100 companies. Large and small, these members come together on eBay to do more than just buy or sell-they have fun, shop around, get to know one another and pitch in to help.

eBay has transformed the way that people buy, sell and trade goods. From rare antiques to cell phone covers, EBay creates a new type of lifestyle.

eBay becomes a part of our members' lifestyles. Many members have created second businesses by selling items on eBay. Some have moved their brick and mortar business to eBay. Others have quit their day job altogether! For millions of people, eBay is the place to share a passion for items that are special or just to shop for practically anything on earth.

3.1 Overall Population
This marketplace has attracted over 62 million registered users and has over 195 million listings worldwide. This combination has yielding sales of goods that surpass $4.6 billion in quarter 4 of 2002. That means that annualized sales for the year of 2002 has exceeded $18.4 billion. If this were broken down, that’s $50 million per day or $579 per second.


3.2 Active Users
The 27.7 million active users have transacted over $513 million in the fourth quarter of 2002. This proves that the eBay has a very strong number of members that are constantly involved in auctions. This means that they are “repeat” customers, which is a very important aspect in business.

Among these users who are deemed active, the gross merchandise sales per user have been steadily increasing per quarter. The average sales per active user is just over $510 in quarter 4, 2002, compared to just $446 in quarter 1, 2001.


3.2.1 International Population
Since eBay does officially keep the population of individual countries or regions, it is difficult to determine this statistic. eBay primarily focuses in on the overall population. eBay, however, does keep information on International marketplaces which will be discusses later.





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