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Team Elite Delta Force
BlackHawk Helicopter
This is the official Team Elite Delta Force website. This website is run by General of the Army EDF~ShadowFox. For any questions about this website, e-mail EDF~ShadowFox at EDF_ShadowFox@hotmail.com.
Friendly Units
Practice will be held on Saturdays. The name of the games will be EDF~ShadowFox
Team Elite Delta Force is now under new command. The new leader is EDF_ShadowFox.

If you are looking at this site and are part of a different clan/unit and want to become an ally, email the General of the Army at EDF_ShadowFox@hotmail.com

If you are looking at this site and are interested in joining EDF, here is a list of what you need:
1) Delta Force Black Hawk Down
2) Email address.
EDF Articles
Team Elite Delta Force
~EDF~  Elite Delta Force
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