8:44PM Tuesday, Decemeber 16, 2003
Damn, I haven't updated this shit in a long time.. how all yall been? Good holidays and shit righttt?? Well, yall start updating me with things.. so this can be up and alive agen.. anyways.. Take cares nigga.. peaceee!!
9:04PM Monday, May 12, 2003
In the process to post new pictures.. there's so far about 4-5 new ones so check em owt. A couple from Expo but Mike's sending me more so be patient. Well peace owt. See yall this weekend!
5:50AM Thursday, May 1, 2003
Trying to finish the rest of the picture section and work a little bit on the Members section. Bare with me everyone, I'm just one person. Peace owttt..
5:39AM Tuesday, April 29, 2003
Ahhhh, got most of the site finished up. All that's left is the picture section completion. Posted a couple of pictures so yall feel free to still click that isht. Hope yall like the complex look I'm throwing out. A new aspect I'm trying to create ya feel me? Alright thenz, just post the link to this site to help support the new look please. Peace owttt..
4:10AM Tuesday, April 29, 2003
Go owt and support Mike at Import Expo this weekend. Purple hatchback with feels kit, flared and rollin' on Tenzo Shu-4. TEAM ETEK iightz?? Peace owt.
8:34PM Wednesday, April 9, 2003
Added a new guestbook. The other one was causing too many problems and it was in danger of being shut down.
I shut down Team Etek for awhile so I can re-do the layout and stuff. Got tired of that off blue and black. Too dark. Plus I gotta add Joe's phat ride on this isht.


First off, Eastside is our hood for all yall haters and trouble makers. Representin' Eastside Lancaster (Fort Worth) for the people who's curious. Just marking our piece up on this web joint ya heards? To all the females who wanna holla jot it owt on the guestbook and all the peeps who gots respect then yall know what to do. Hold it down for Texas yea, peace owtttt!

- Frank

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