Team Fenris is an elite military organization with the sole purpose of protecting the Werewolf Tribe at large.  Vampires and renegade werewolves are our natural enemies.  Honor is our first order of business.  Team Fenris will not hesitate to band together to face a group of foes in order to preserve the life of our memebers or honorable members of the Tribe in general.  Team Fenris will dessicate the enemy by almost any means possible.

Requirements for joining are as follows:
     You must have a sponser who's already a member of the clan.
     Stats are to equal or exceed
120k hitpoints, 50k mana and 120k movement.
     You must have
     You must have
100k in quested equipment.

Rules o
f Team Fenris are as follows:
MUST follow the rules of the mud. "Help Rules" "Help Conduct"
If you are found to be breaking a mud rule expect punishment within the clan.
Ignorance of the RULES is NO EXCUSE!
     You MUST be in
     Protect the weak of the
Tribe with your life.
     Protect human avatars (with the exception of those in renegade or vampire clans) as you
     would your own Pups, they are the reason
Gaia gave you your werewolf abilities.
     Kill Vampires.
     Kill Renegades.
     Kill members of Hybrid (both ww and vamp) Clans.
     Help newbies whenever it doesn't interfere with the above rules.
     Never attack another member of
Team Fenris.

You can't have binding, personal relationships with enemies of the
Team.  This means no marriages to Vampires or members of enemy clans.  Grouping with, fighting with, supplying information to or rescuing enemies of the Team is considered treason.  Your loyalties must lie with Team Fenris and the Tribe, first and foremost. Anything less is unacceptable.  Obviously, renegades have many enemies.  If we find ourselves in a fight versus one and there happens to be a vampire or three fighting them too, well, it sucks to be that renegade.

Members are asked to donate any and all quest points they can once they have sufficiently quested for themselves.  We choose not to demand of you, but ask you to help us help ourselve
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