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Hii since the last time I wrote not much has been happening in the game world I think this must be because many of the company where gearing up for E3 in Los Angeles.

Although word has it Blue Shift is a happen new mod,I doubt It will ever match up to CS.I just want to give my review on Tribes2 I must say The game has so many bugs and the keyboard layout is much to confusing! I like the graphics but up to now I have not got my sound to work.This is due to my VIA Chipset on my onboard sound,Sorry to say there is no instructions on the box that Direct sound is a requirement.Beyond me all the bugs,the graphics are great ,nice backround,Tree,and terrain,and the models where nice quality.

I would like to see some of the same maps and terrain in Cs I hope that Serria puts some of these two writers together to help in a new version of CS Seem as though they could both benefit each other . I wish they would do away with the team color flags being so visible .So you can have that sneaky feeling of creeping up on your opponent lol .

PS Serria the jet pack sucks LOL

Onward to CS whats with all the cheats out there? Like the ones who have to cheat at aimming using aimbots why is counter strike plagued with these fools that ruin the game and play like a bunch of pussies. I hope that someday they would be able to ban their WON ID # somehow. Then it would cost them some real money for being part the the problem of why this game is loosing people's interest. So much for fair play huh ,,,

Got to run Maxmo


I personally play Counter Strike for fun. Although I really like to play a serious sniper game .I love long range AWP having you in my crosshairs

E-mail me and send me some screen shots of your stats,or maybe Ill see ya in a game.




Best wishes to Gabe Newell and the Gang at Valve Softwear who gave me my first start and a autograph copy of Halfe Life three years ago for my birthday !
Thanks again Max Fadden



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