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    TEAM F.U.B.A.R. was established in the summer of 1996, when Jake drove BlueBalz through a mud pit and broke the bolts holding the radiator in place, causing it to get chopped up by the fan.  Getting the crippled Bronco back home tuned in to task from hell, one that was Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.  Click here for the full story.  Since that day, we have encountered many more FUBARed situations, that's just what we do best.  So check out the Member's Rigs to see our rides and what each of us has broken off-road and on-road.  FUBAR Chicks are the lovely ladies that ride with us and somehow manage to put up with our bullshit.  FUBAR Mutts are our 4-legged 4-wheelin buddies.  FUBARed Pics shows all the times we've been stuck, broken, or otherwise FUBARed.
Memorial Day '04 at Buck Meadows: RedAss, Chelsea, F.E.S., Fonk, PinBall, Alexis, XJake, JJ, FLXMSTR, Beauford, and Rocky, with BlueBalz, The Green Monster, and redruM lagging behind....
What's New???
5\21\06: It's been almost 2 years since this site has been updated.  A lot has changed in that time, mainly changing faces.  About 6 more rigs have joined the FUBAR gang.
       We have a ton of pics from the past 2 years that need to get posted.  It's gonna take a while, but I'll get them up sooner rather than later this time.  There are also a lot of new mods we've done to our rigs,  I will get those posted as soon as the other slackers email their lists.
5\31\05: Memorial Weekend Mayhem
       Well finally someone other than Quinn rolls their Jeep...
Darkwing goes end over end about 5 times!!!  This has been the gnarliest rollover in FUBAR history, but fortunately no one was hurt and we were able to drive the Jeep back to camp.  The rollover happened on the same hill Quinn rolled Smokey and Ryan flipped Rawley's quad.  It's not that bad of a hill, we've all been up it many times, but if you aren't paying out.  TJ claims he wasn't drunk,  I think that was the problem!  There is more carnage to report....also coming soon.....

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