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lastup date: 07/07/02

07/07/02-Its been 2 years Kenny Irwin, Jr n we still miss ya hope ya having fun up there in heaven with the rest of the family.
07/07/02-i'm going to up date this site a bit to be a NASCAR 3 dedicated site.
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05/16/02-Today is the offical end to one of motorsport's best and well known name.. Team GP Racing....was one of the greatest racing teams of all history. with the legiondary driver Dev.. behind the wheel of the #3 car. and Joey the rookie with  the backing of a legion. This is the offical end of Team GP Racing due the mutual agreement of both Dev and Joey..... Thanks for the Memories Team GP Racing 1997-2002
2/09/02- dont know wut to do with this site..
cept add ppl's birthday to it lol..
soo happy birthday Sammy :-D!

12/30/01-Due to the speration of Devin and Joe the owners of Team GP
Team GP Will become DPI. Dev will take over site matnence and updateing our site to support nascar 4.
Also Check out our store
10/21/01-updated and fixed grammer on this site added a new opening picture hope you like it.
10/4/01-Our Hearts and Prayers go out to the Blaise Alexander family after he was fatally injured in the ARCA race tonight. Also Hearts and Prayers go out to  Kerry Earnhardt and the rest of his family and friends.
10/4/01-saturday will be our 1 year anniversery soo we going to make this site a lot better. Team GP Joe and Dev havnt had a meeting in a while due to the over welming work load we have with school and stuff. Now we have a store open so stop by some time.

Happy Birthday to Jennifer R. today she turns 15 just want everyone to know that caz shes special ta Team GP Racing
9-27-01- our  1 year annerversery is comming up in 10 days so exspect a big anouncement
7/11/01-we are opening up other sections of Team GP racing network
6/25/01-will have NASCAR 4 Server up by november so sign up for our server
6/14/01-will be going to Pocono this weekend also will be adding nascar 4 sectiong within the next two weeks. Also will be posting cars for download for nascar 4
4/29/01-Happy 50th Birthday Dale Earnhardt
Rusty Wallace wins at California today in the Napa 500.
4/20/01-sorry bout not uppdateing for a while had computer trouble all of last week now we are back and running congraulations to  Stay Compton who got the pole at Talladega today.
4/8/01-Congratulations to Dale Jarett For his first win at  the Martinsville short track.
will be adding a lot durring this week due to spring break.
4/1/01-Congratulations to Dale Jarrett  for his first win at Texas Motor Speedway
3/26/01-Updated our R/C page will correct the Wallpaper link tomorrow also will be adding new cars and by the end of  next week NASCAR 4 cars.
3/25/01-Congratulations to Elliott Sadler scoreing his first carear Winston Cup victroy at Bristol
3/21/01/Congraduations to dale jarrett winning his 3rd race at Darlington.
Is it a mistake?????? I noticed on the 17th that team GP was ranked #1 on KN
We were the featured site on KN for 3/17/01
3/18/01-Added Dale Earnhardt's nobull richmond to cars for Nascar has been one month already and we still miss you.!
finshed with the color change.Will be adding later today other cars and more buddy icons and
New Team GP icons soon to come.
3/17/01-changing colors of all our pages to black in honor of our idol. will be adding more  buddy icons and more  cars to download and setups and soon to come nascar 4 section.
3/1/01-no has not signed up for our racing league...soo we are still waiting for people to join. also we will be starting within the next few months a store for slot cars stuff and rc stuff and some games. so book mark us
2/18/01-our idle of Team GP Racing...Dale Earnhardt passes away at the age of 49 in loving memory Dale Earnhardt. Our hearts and prayers go out to the Earnhardt  family everyone at RCR and everyone in NASCAR like Bill France said that will sum it all up "we lost our greatestt driver"
Every at Team GP we will miss you Dale Earnhardt.
The 7 Time NASCAR Winston Cup Champion
2/18/01-Congraduations to Mike Waltrip And Hearts and paryers go out to the Earnhardt family
2/17/01 put up new kev nascar ranking scrips will be adding maybe tonight .new buddy icons!!!
2/7 added more buddy icons will be adding Wallpapers by end of week
added new cars to the n3 car list

added 43 car field for sears point here
1/30will Be adding AOL Instant Messenger Buddy icon for free download in the near week
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