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LAST UPDATE - June 14, 2004

Hello All.  We have decided to take down the Team J-Fusion website, being hosted by Yahoo, because we are getting a website on the J-Body Northwest website in the near future.  For now please visit our personal forum for the members of Team J-Fusion, link below.  Also take a look at the J-Body Northwest website, link below.  It is still in a beta (testing) version, but it is still pretty cool.  There is a lot of information on it and there will be even more in the near future.


-Thanks, Webmaster


About Team J-Fusion


Team J-Fusion was created by Anthony Guzman in January 2003, for local J-Body vehicles (Chevrolet Cavaliers, Pontiac Sunfires, Pontiac Sunbirds, Pontiac J2000, Oldsmobile Firenza, Buick Shyhawk, and Cadillac Cimarron) owners. It was brought together for J-Body enthusiasts of the local areas to feed off of each other's talents and skills.  Each members have a desirer to be unique from others.  The club is full of members throughout the Yakima Valley and the Lower Columbia Basin areas of Washington State.  The name "Fusion" was chosen to represent the interests of the Columbia Basin J's and the Yakima Valley J's being fused together.  There are currently 7 active members with Cavalier Base, Cavalier RS, Cavalier Z24, and Pontiac Sunfires and we are looking for more members to join. Although most of the members are from those areas.  There is no monthly fee, it just a group a people that love there car and love customizing their rides.  Any questions please visit the links below. 



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