Well... let's see here, four machines weighing over 4000lbs. total, gas, tools, tires, generator, extra weights and two cool-down units. The weight really started to add up, so we needed a trailer that was light and strong.  Since I (Chuck Chapel) work for Loadmaster Trailers, I asked my boss if I could build a custom trailer.  He said yes!  We thank him a lot!  Being so busy at work, we had to build it in Jim's garage.

  1. Specifications: 
    8'6"x16' enclosed.  
    All aluminum frame with poly-bonded plywood sides.
    Triple 2400lb. torsion axles with electric brakes.  
    20.5 x 10E tires.  
    GTWR 7200lbs.
    Wired for 110 and 12 volts with outlets on both sides of trailer.  
    D-ring tie down points installed in floor.
    Tire holders on inside walls for 2 sets of tires for each wheeler.  
    Flip down back door doubles as a work table when propped up with stands.

We pull this trailer loaded to 7000lbs. regularly with a 1/2 ton truck and it pulls beautifully.

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