Teaching Experience
Heritage Glen P.S.
Grade 8 Math, Science, Information Technology, Geography
Grade 7 Information Technology
Professional Development and Extracurriculars
Information Technology Committee leader
Intermediate Team leader
School Growth Team member
Principal's Qualification AQ Course - Part 2: October, 2000 - March, 2001 (OISE/U of T)
Special Education Part 1 AQ Course: August, 2000 - March, 2001 (York U.)
Short-listed for Elementary VP, HDSB: February, 2001
Partners in the Classroom Supervisor for U of T student: November, 2000 - April, 2001
Held Report Card inservice for Heritage Glen Staff - October, 2000
Maintained information technology equipment and computer lab
Maintained the Ontario Curriculum Tracking Templates website (125 000 hits as of February, 2001)
Maintained the Ontario Elementary Curriculum Links website
Presented Action Research project for Computers in the Classroom AQ course - Sept.12, 2000
Santa on CHAT - December 2000
Presenter at ECOO "Create Multimedia Magic Using Hyperstudio and a CD Burner" - May 4, 2001
Co-Developer of Heritage Glen's web page
Attended "Amazing Maps" PD - January, 2001
Attended "Leading For Success" seminar series: February, 2001 - October, 2001