Teaching Experience
Lorne Skuce P.S.
Grade 3 classroom
Professional Development and Extracurriculars
Computer Key Teacher
Instructional Committee leader
Created 167 Ontario Curriculum Assessment Tracking Templates
Completed Intermediate Ministry additional qualifications course (English focus)
Completed 2 Master's courses from September-June
Fundraising chairperson - raised $3000.00 for informational technology
Organized and ran series of 8 afterschool computer workshops for Lorne Skuce staff
Organized and ran Hyperstudio Fair
Attended ECCO 98
Member of hiring committee for new SERT
Participated in the Networked School series
Attended new curriculum workshop and presented follow-up to staff at Lorne Skuce
Was a Santa on CHAT for elementary students: 130 emails in two weeks!!
Track and Field coach
Mentored high school cop-op student
Maintained Lorne Skuce website