Julie D. Cobb Gaspard
Family Photo Album
Volume 2
Julie Deann Cobb is the daughter of William Don Cobb, Sr and Linda Gallien  Julie graduated from Lafayette High School, Lafayette, LA.  She married Blaine Jude Gaspard of Scott, LA.  Julie and Blaine had two children:  Blaine "Jude" Gaspard, II and Jake Dillon Gaspard.

Julie and Blaine love traveling and music.  The Gaspards have lived in Nashville, TN; Branson, MO; Jackson, MS; Milton, LA; and recently moved to Atlanta, GA.

Blaine is a Musician and has played with Jimmy C Newman on the Grand Ole Opry, and was on the Country Tonite Show while they lived in Branson, MO.  He has also played with Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys, among others.

About the Gaspard Boys:  Jude was in French Immersion for 4 years, which is taking his classes in French.  He really enjoys his classes and thinks it's great because he can understand his Daddy's Music.  Jake is such a little tyke, Julie thinks he is going to be a dummer, he doesn't go anywhere without his drum sticks and is so into music.

The Gaspards are the kind of family that will go anywhere - try anything, as long as they can all be together!  Their hobies are music, travling, and going to music festivals.  They love bringing the boys, who have such a great time!  One of their favorite places to travel to is Rhode Island, they used to go there every year for Labor Day Weekend for the Rhythm and Roots Festival.  "It was always an amazing trip", says Julie.
Donald, Julie as an infant, and Brother Billy
Teetnan, Julie and Billy
Billy, Donald and Julie
Julie and Donald
Julie Deann Gaspard
Billy, Teetnan and Julie
Julie and Donald
Blaine, Julie and Jude
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Julie and (cousin) Mitch Cobb
Julie, Linda (Mother) and Billy
Julie, Blaine and (cousin) Jeff Cobb
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(cousin) Dwayne and Julie