Jahommie's Haven

Welcome!!  This page is dedicated to the life and thoughts of John Tegtmeier (a.k.a. Jahommie).  I am currently enrolled as a student at UW-Eau Claire, where I am taking English 110 with Prof. Jerz.

Although college has significantly decreased the time I am able to spend with my family, I still enjoy going home for home cooked meals and line dancing with the siblings.   "Good Times" showcases one of our rather embarrassing line dancing occasions.

A good chunk of my time is spent running and weight lifting for the indoor and outdoor track seasons.  In fact, I have just completed my first indoor conference meet.  Blugold's Track and Field displays our results.  As a middle distance, 800 meter runner, I rely heavily on Middle Distance Runner for advice on training habits, and preparation for meets.

Valuable Educational Links

UW-Eau Claire Home Page 
With its small class size and exceptional faculty, my public university prides itself as one of the top mid-western schools.

Online Reading Room
Prof. Jerz and his students have developed a compilation of informative technical and college writing handouts, as well as many insightful journal articles.

English 110 Course Page
My English 110 professor, Prof. Jerz, has outlined his whole course curriculum on a this web page.  Outside links to his other writing handouts have been included for additional help.

How the Internet Has Affected My Education
My fears related to the intercommunication system called the Internet have dissipated.  The endless resources available through the Internet have me wondering how I would get along without it.

How's it goin?  by Marty Breuggmann
Marty expounds upon his changing relationship with the Internet.  At first, a reason to procrastinate, now a helpful resource for researching articles.

Beth's Quotation Location by Elizabeth Oberg
Elizabeth Oberg discusses the pitfalls of being completely dependent on the Internet for information.  Becoming fully dependent on this information storehouse can lead to procrastination and endless hours of wasted researching.

Shockwave: My Collaborative Exercise
The roller coaster Shockwave is a thriller.  However, I wouldn't suggest taking a ride on this untamed beast, right after eating a full breakfast...

Scary Experience: Virginia's Collaborative Exercise
Virginia Junkersfeld, a classmate of mine, describes in vivid detail the rainy night she got in a serious accident.

After reading her personal account, I have a few comments of my own.