okyyyy sew iz dis liek da n00 boradz!?!?!??!?!?!1111

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Original message posted by KT_beanies13 on 1988-06-09:

Name: Katie
Nickname(s): KT, beanies, kewl beaneez
State of Residence: cali!!!!1
Interests: boiz, muzik,, clkothes, my mane man jesus, tawkign on teh fone, eatign wya 2 muhc an gittin phat.
Fave Band(s): FIF, the C.O SuIpErToNeS!!! jump 5, poitn of gracce, avalone, pod, mxpx!!!!11

Fave Quote(s):
"KT UR TEH KRAZZIEST!!!!!" --- my daddumz, i luv <3 him sew!!!!11

Other Favorite(s):
Favorite tv shows: frendz, simpsonz, trl
Favorite color: blue
Favorite movies: klooless, 10 tings i hat abot u, umm dat 1 udder 1 lol liek bazically anyting wit' freddy prinze jr. u no wut im tawkign bout!!!!!1
Favorite Soda: coek
Favorite Video game: ummm im not reelly good @ vid gamez, dats really more of a boiz ting u no???>>

Say Something!: shout uot 2 all ma peepz!!!! yo heheheeheheh yah um im juss liek sayin high 2 alll my gurlfriendz back in cali, miss u sexii thangs!!! u no ur bootylishus!!!!!!
toodles, ppoodles!!!

AIM: sexxxygurlie4u69
MSN: sexychicka4u2@hotmail.com

Reply posted by KT_beanies13 on 1988-06-09:

...ya um heheeh u no i luv yall!!!!!!!!11

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