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Original message posted by hadreo on 1984-06-25:

Name: David Howard
Date of Birth: June 25th, 1984
Date of Death: December 12th, 2001

Fave Quote(s):

Melosh - The Day the Sillyness Died

I never knew the day would come when the sillyness died
When I first heard the news, I thought it was lies
This has always a carefree place to go
But now I look at it and I don't know
I was here the day the board was calm
I was here the day it seemed everything was wrong
Mourning strikes us, mixed with joy
All our thoughts and prayers are with this boy
David, we miss you, but we know that you're okay

I never knew the day would come that serious thoughts covered in an instant
I never knew the time would come that we'd lose one of our own
The battle's gone, it seems we lost
But I know that he has paid the final cost

You'll always be in our hearts
My words can't say just what I feel
A piece of our life has departed
But above all else, we'll overcome

Five Iron Frenzy - Car
Imagine you held so tight your best friend
Left him to fly, and never could reach him

Standing at the peak where two waves meet
Are you just behind the other side of music?
Peering like a flower never taught to grow
Someone fond of living always will remember

We are blessed
We endure

Our eyes always looked dark and the same
What does he see, who returns his smile?

And when Car's a sword it's wit that stings
Now he will be used in our Father's army
Not as one who kills but one who always heals
Can I take his burden, who am I to follow?

We are blessed
We endure

One who travels knows too well the panicked call from the truck stop
I held tight to the phone booth envisioning last night and Car's last mountain drive

We are blessed
We endure

I am blessed
I will endure

greeniespaz -
at arm's length,
i could almost touch you.
At arm's length
I could nearly reach you.
When this mist clears,
I will see you again.
The sun will light the path,
And we'll meet at the end...

I won't say goodbye,
Cuz you'll live eternally.
Can't say how much I'll miss you
Cuz you're still alive to me.
Still so vivd,
I can almost see your face
So quickly
Then leaves without a trace...

At arm's length,
I thought I could save you
At arm's length,
You slowly fade away....

David's Homepage
Rest In Peace: David Howard's Online Book of Condolences/Memories

Reply posted by hadreo on 1984-06-25:

"And you can call me Monkeyboy!"

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