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Original message posted by Melosh on 1984-06-24:

Name: Melosh Suzanne Baird (legally: Aaron David Derencin)
Nickname(s): Melosh, Vader
State of Residence: Maryland
Interests: every aspect of music, acting, sports (mainly baseball), learning all the lines to movies like Tommy Boy and Billy Madison, Erin (and what makes her tick)
Fave Band(s): Five Iron Frenzy, Switchfoot, The Get Up Kids, Relient K, Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, Queen, Calibretto 13, Ace Troubleshooter, braveSaintSaturn, Southernpaws, Downtown Singapore, Standout, The W's, The Who, ELO, Philmore, Mad Caddies, FurtherMore, Further Seems Forever, Reggie and the Full Effect, Revolution 8, POD, PfR

Fave Quote(s):
"If I were driving and I came to a sign with a cross on it, I'd say to myself 'What do I do now?"
- Blake Hamilton, in response to "Deep Thoughts" by Jack Handy

"Holiday morning? Hey there little Shaqueefa, get up, it's the third day of Kwanzaa! There's so much to do!"
- R. Marvin Van Dyke, band director extrordinaire, responding to a day in Holiday Spirit Week

"There is a lesson to be learned here, and that's never mess with the parents of band that wear pants that are the color of crap."
- Me, after getting yelled at by a Fallston parent for noting their brown pants.

"Wow, it's like your Erin in one of her moods."
- Me, to Kirsten after she dyed her hair for the fourth time in a month.

Other Favorite(s): I enjoy orange soda, the message board, and watching tapes of marching bands. I'm a nerd, so what?
Say Something!: There was this one time at band camp when I asked everyone if they liked Erin Baird, then everyone looked at me strangely. I took that as a sign that they didn't.
AIM: The Sit Up Kid, Melosh Frenzy, NancyBoysPI SS3, StandoutSax03
MSN: meloshthecommie@hotmail.com

Airen's Live Journal (rarely updated)

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