purple monkeys are trying to eat my hair

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Original message posted by sierra on 1985-08-12:

Name: Sierra Ann
Nickname(s): Si, Smurfy, Ann, Anners
State of Residence: Pennsylvania
Interests: Playing guitar, singing, writing, being a jackass in public
Fave Band(s): fif, dashboard confessional, incubus, manson, five for fighting, sublime

Fave Quote(s):
"We dont have deer here. We hit Mexicans" - My friend chelle on AIM

"Thats 20 points, plus a triple word score, plus 50 points for using all my letters, games over, im out of here"
-My Gvt. Teacher's test. we still dont know how it got there.

"Put the shorty down! We got cheetos and funions(?)"
-Scary Movie 2

"Good luck to you too.. NO wait.. I hope you have rotten luck.. I hope you get violated by pig-monkey men in the woods"
-The Pest
Other Favorite(s):
Movie: The Godfather
Person to Piss off: Lin (The guy who owns kiwibox.com)

Say Something!: If you give a mouse a cookie.. you have problems.
AIM: KenyanSpoon
MSN: ann_ann_anners@hotmail.com
ICQ: i forget, but my yahoo name is fubelu


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