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Original message posted by Skamerican on 1984-06-24:

Name: Airen SKAM (legally: Erin Suzanne Baird)
Nickname(s): Skam, Ireland, Ire....Stringbean?
State of Residence: Okie Homo
Interests: Foreign language, Chemistry, Music, bOiZ! [*coughhackcough*], art, eyes, and um, plenty of other things.
Fave Band(s): Five Iron, Less than Jake, MxPx, Mad Caddies, Save Ferris, the Cure, the Beatles, Dashboard Confessional, Weezer, PAX 217, Slick Shoes, Blindside, Sean the Skanadian Sucks a Lot (local band), NOFX, Feel Big Fish, Sly's Alter Ego, Sub 7, Planet Smashers, Aqua Bats, Goldfinger, Philmore, Anti-Flag, RANCID, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Propagandhi, Sex Pistols, Smiley Kids, Anti-Flag, The Impossibles, The Specials, the Hippos, etc. etc. etc.

Fave Quote(s):
"I HATE when I miss ritualistic sex orgies!!!" -Mrs. Kincaid, Latin teacher.

"For all the swimming I do in my little pool of sadness, I sure can't stand other people trying to dive in." -Sean Patrick McCarron, of the sorts.

"I really do love you." -Best Friend (to go unnamed, I'll rob him of glory, just the way he likes it. heh.)

"This is Spanish Class, there will be no beer drinking." -Mrs. Lovett, Spanish III teacher.

Other Favorite(s): Well I like skateboarding when I can, which is rarely, and buying things for myself because that's what jobs are for. I also enjoy long walks on the...highway....at one in the morning...because your car's tire just exploded. Yes, by far my favorite thing. *nod*
Say Something!: All your base are belong to us.
AIM: ArrrrrrrrrgMatey, Save the Tuatara, PreExGirlfriend5
MSN: skankerous@hotmail.com

Airen's Live Journal (rarely updated)
This website

Reply posted by Skamerican on 1984-06-24:

If given accurate directions, I can go just about anywhere.

Reply posted by Skamerican on 1984-06-24:

"I think I am in love with you..."

Reply posted by Skamerican on 1984-06-24:

another goodnight kiss is robbed of all its passion...
-Dashboard Confessional

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