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Original message posted by Supastar on 1979-03-23:

Name: Karla
Nickname(s): On the board? umm Supastar.
State of Residence: California
Interests: Swimming, sleeping, more sleeping, talking to Jonk, more sleeping, eating, going to shows, sleeping.
Fave Band(s): FIF, No Doubt, The Misfits, The OC Supertones...

Fave Quote(s):
"I sont sink so babe" --- Frank (Martin Short in Father of the Bride)

Other Favorite(s):
Favorite tv shows: Friends, Felicity
Favorite color: blue
Favorite movies: The Sound of Music, Wayne's World, Sixteen Candles
Favorite Soda: Minute Maid strawberry soda.
Favorite Video game: Hip Hop mania (ahh yeah!)

Say Something!: Something.
AIM: TheRealSupastar

Reply posted by Supastar on 1979-03-23:

I love Jonk!

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