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Greetings to the parents and interested parties of students’ enrolled in n Mr. Durham class at Will C. Wood High School. I am personally looking forward to meeting with you in the near future at your sons’/daughters’ IEP. Prior to this meeting I am available for consult with you upon request. (My contact numbers are as follows 707453-6926 or E-mail at kennethd@VUSD.SOLANOCOE.K12.CA.US )

In the past at your students IEP's, the focus was primarily on advancing academic goals and objectives, this will not change. But now the focus will include an addition of one more important aspect. Because the student is enter the final stage of their educational process, the focus of these meetings will now include planning for your student's ITP. (Individual Transition Plan)

The ITP requires that the team investigate a new agenda; the team members must now incorporate planning for the post-secondary life. Therefore, early and continuing communication between all parties is important for establishing a plan that includes those interest and dreams. The team must explore and implemment stratgries, which will take into account all aspects of the students post-secondary interest.