Days of our Lives
Episode #7280

Friday, May 13, 1994

JOHN: Thereís no sign of the dogs. This might be a good time for you to try to escape.

MARLENA: Iím not leaving you here, John.

JOHN : I canít go anywhere, Doc! But you can, and I want you to get out of here.


JOHN: Look, Marlena, if you make it, you can call Roman and Abe. But you canít help me get out of these damned chains!

MARLENA: Yes, I think I can.

Scene 1 - Maison Blanche dungeon.

JOHN: Doc, you canít break these chains. You have to try and get out of here while you still can.

MARLENA: No, no, I told you Ė I have a plan. Iíll get the keys from Stefano and set you free.

JOHN: How?

MARLENA: John, he keeps the keys with him at all times. Iíve seen them, hanging from his belt.

JOHN: Yeah, so have I. But it will be impossible for you to get your hands on them.

MARLENA: No, not impossible.



JOHN: No! Youíre not going to do this, Doc, I wonít let you!

MARLENA: Thereís no other way!

Scene 2: Maison Blanche dungeon

JOHN: Forget it, Doc.

MARLENA: John, it wonít be as difficult as you think Ė

JOHN: Youíre not letting that degenerate put his hands on you!

MARLENA: John, listen to me: If I can get close enough, I can get the keys and free you.

JOHN: How are you going to ďget closeĒ enough?

MARLENA: Iíll make him think I donít find him so Ė repulsive.

JOHN: No. Itís too dangerous.

MARLENA: I can handle him, John.

JOHN: He knows how much you hate him. What makes you think heíll believe youíve changed your mind?

MARLENA: Iíll have to make him think Iím desperate to stay alive.

JOHN: Heíll never believe youíre desperate enough to let him touch you.

MARLENA : I donít intend for him to touch me, but I know he wants to. I could see it in his eyes.

JOHN: No. . .

MARLENA: John, Iím a psychiatrist. I know how to use Stefanoís enormous ego Ė his love of power. Iíll use his own tricks on him.

JOHN: I still donít like it.

MARLENA : I also have a little insurance. Stefano left these for me last night. I didnít take them.

JOHN: Sleeping pills?

MARLENA: I assume theyíre a sedative. If I can get Stefano in the mood for a glass of wine, it shouldnít be too hard to slip these into his drink.

JOHN: And hope he passes out before he can get sexual with you?

MARLENA: Exactly. It should never get that far.

JOHN: But what if it does?

MARLENA: It wonít.

JOHN: You canít be sure of that.

MARLENA: John, trust me. I can do this.

JOHN: Doc, no!

Scene 3: Maison Blanche/ Exterior

STEFANO: Marlena? What a lovely surprise. How are you feeling?

MARLENA: Tired of being cooped up. I was surprised that my bedroom door was unlocked.

STEFANO: I want you to feel free to come and go as you please here. Maison Blanche is a very beautiful place. And itís a beautiful day. You should go outside, see the gardens.

MARLENA: You said you have dogs who will attack anyone outside the house.

STEFANO: Theyíre for your protection as well as mine. But you mustnít worry about them. Theyíre only released when theyíre needed. Youíll be perfectly safe outside.

MARLENA: What about John? Where is he? Is he all right?

STEFANO: Unfortunately, I canít allow John the freedom Iím giving you.

STEFANO: He seems more agitated than usual, more desperate to break free What do you suppose happened to set him off?

Scene 4: Maison Blanche exterior

STEFANO: You havenít had any further contact with John, have you?

MARLENA: How could I? I donít know where he is Ė but itís obvious why heís so agitated. Youíve got him in chains, shackled to the wall. Youíve drugged him Ė youíve started the process of taking away his identity again. Did you think heíd accept it calmly?

STEFANO: No. But I know John so well. Heís not one to rail in frustration. Instead, he should be plotting, planning, trying to concoct a plan to escape.

MARLENA: You know heíll never give up. Heíll fight you every step of the way.

STEFANO: Yes. But I will win.

MARLENA: I donít doubt that you will. Youíve won before. You seem to have a power that no oneís been able to overcome. Itís very attractive.

STEFANO: Iím glad you recognize that.

MARLENA: What are you going to do with John, once his mind has been erased again?

STEFANO: All you need to know is that you have no need to worry about him. His new life will be a good one.

MARLENA: What about the life he has now? He wonít even remember his children.

STEFANO: That is true.

MARLENA: Whatís in Johnís past that frightens you so?

STEFANO: I will tell you this: There is something in Johnís past which would destroy him. You arenít here to ask me questions you know I wonít answer. What is your true purpose in coming to me?

MARLENA: I told you. I was feeling cooped up. I Ė was restless.

STEFANO: So you were lonely?

Youíll have to excuse me for a moment.

Scene 5: Maison Blanche

STEFANO: Forgive the interruption. You were telling me that you feel lonely.

MARLENA: Those were your words, not mine.

STEFANO: Still, you must have come to me for a reason.

MARLENA: Actually, I Ė I did.

STEFANO: Youíve piqued my curiosity, Marlena.

MARLENA: I know youíll find this hard to believe, because Iíve always fought against you, with all my strength. But I Ė I came to tell you that I canít face what youíre planning for me.

STEFANO: And what do you think Iím planning for you?

MARLENA: I was your prisoner before, Stefano. Iíll do anything to keep you from putting me back into a deep sleep.

STEFANO: Interesting. This is a very different tack for you, Marlena.

MARLENA: I lost five years of my life Ė five years of being unconscious while the world went on without me. I canít do that again. Iíll do whatever I have to do, to stay awake and aware.

Scene 6: Maison Blanche/Exterior

MARLENA: Iím not a stupid woman, Stefano. I know when Iíve been beaten.

STEFANO: You are far from stupid.

MARLENA: Thatís right. I realize that my life, as I knew it, is over. Iíll never see my children again. Or John, or Roman. You cost me my husband.

STEFANO: No, Marlena, that was your doing. I only took advantage of the situation you presented, when you slept with John behind Romanís back.

MARLENA: Yes. You manipulated the situation. No one does that better than you.

STEFANO: Iím glad you appreciate my talents.

MARLENA: Oddly enough, I do have a certain fascination with what youíve done. Itís amazing that youíve gotten away with so much, for so long.

STEFANO: So, am I to believe that you are graciously giving up the fight?

MARLENA: I donít have any choice. Thereís no use fighting you, so Iím trying to make the best of it.

STEFANO: That is a very wise decision.

MARLENA: I donít want to be put into a deep sleep again.

STEFANO: That would be such a waste, wouldnít it?

MARLENA: Yes, it would be a waste. The wine was very good last night. I wonder. . .if we could have a glass now?

STEFANO: It would be my pleasure.

MARLENA: May I pour?

STEFANO: Please.

Scene 7: Maison Blanche/Exterior

STEFANO: You are so beautiful, Marlena.

MARLENA: Thank you. Shall we have a toast?

STEFANO: To what shall we drink?

MARLENA: To a new Ė understanding of each other. And where it might lead.

STEFANO: Yes. I like that.

JOHN: Oh, Doc, no! No. . .