Days of our Lives
Episode #7281

Air Date: Monday, May 16, 1994

Scene 1: Maison Blanche

STEFANO: What is it, Marlena?

MARLENA: This. . .this is moving a little too quickly for me. Letís have some more wine.

STEFANO: Something is wrong.

MARLENA : No, nothingís wrong, Stefano.

CELESTE: How can you watch that? How can you watch it?

JOHN: You shouldnít watch. It will only upset you.

CELESTE: I donít have to look. Sheís seducing him, and he loves it.

MARLENA: Cheers.

STEFANO: Youíre not being honest with me, Marlena. I think the real reason you broke that kiss, why you are holding back, is because of the past.

MARLENA : Itís not easy to forget all thatís happened. Yes, I admit, my feelings for you confused me. Surely you can understand my misgivings.

STEFANO: I might have doubted your sincerity if you hadnít admitted you had misgivings. But I might have a cure for your fears and misgivings. I am going to make love to you, Marlena. And after, believe me, you wonít have any more doubts.

JOHN : No, damn it, donít let him do it, Marlena!

Scene 2: Maison Blanche

STEFANO: Your skin is so soft. Youíre so quiet, Marlena. Donít you want to make love to me?

MARLENA : Letís take it slowly. Letís have some wine.

STEFANO : I find you far more intoxicating than wine.

CELESTE: Damn Stefano. How could he do this to me?

JOHN You can stop this you know. Let me out of here and Iíll take Marlena away from here.

CELESTE: I canít do that.

JOHN: But look how cruel Stefano is to you.

CELESTE: Even when heís cruel, even when he cheats on me with other women, I canít betray him. Bestides, I donít have the keys. Only Stefano does.

MARLENA: Weíve never talked. Tell me about this house. Itís fascinating. Iíd love to know the history of it, how you found it. . .

STEFANO: So much talk, Marlena. Iím beginning to think youíre trying to stall me.

MARLENA: Why would I do that?

STEFANO: Perhaps youíre playing a game. Perhaps youíre only pretending to want me. . .

MARLENA: Thatís not true.

STEFANO: Then prove it. No more games. Make love to me. Right now.

MARLENA: All right. Letís go upstairs.

STEFANO: No. I want you here. Now.

CELESTE: Iíve had enough of this.

JOHN: Celeste, if you want Stefano, thereís only one way you can get him.


JOHN: I just told you. With my help.

Scene 4 : Dungeon

JOHN: No, Marlena! Donít let him! No!

MARLENA: No, wait.

STEFANO: What is it now?

MARLENA: Thereís only one first time. I. . .I want to savor it. Make this last.

STEFANO : Believe me, I will.

MARLENA: I want to do something for you first. Please, let me. Here, drink this. And watch.

STEFANO: Ah, so the beautiful Marlena does like to play games.

MARLENA: Games are only fun with the right partner.

STEFANO: Youíre driving me crazy.

MARLENA : Thatís the idea.

Scene 5: Maison Blanche

MARLENA: Youíre quiet, Stefano. Donít you like what Iím doing?

STEFANO: I like what youíre doing very much. Itís making me very. . .warm.

MARLENA: Well, thereís one way to quench your thirst. . .

STEFANO: I know.

(He reaches for her but Marlena moves ďteasinglyĒ away)

MARLENA: Not yet. For now, you can only look. Not touch.

STEFANO: I donít want to wait.

MARLENA: Anticipation will only make it sweeter. But if you need to cool off. . .

STEFANO: Well, continue.

(Marlena hesitates, but now has no recourse but to remove the last of her underthings. The camera on Stefano as he drinks in her nakedness)

STEFANO: Youíre beautiful. No wonder so many men want you. But youíre mine now.

Scene 6: Dungeon

JOHN: Doc, are you okay? I was watching on the monitor till Celeste turned it off. Did Stefano.?

MARLENA: No, he finally drank the drugged wine and passed out. I got the keys.

JOHN: You took a really big risk just now.

MARLENA: It was worth it. Now we can get away from here.

JOHN : Yeah, and Iím taking you someplace where Stefano can never put his dirty hands on you ever again. Come on. Letís get out of this hellhole.


JOHN: Itís just. . .I know the secret of my past is in this house. If I leave now. . .No, I have to get you to someplace safe.