Maison Blanche Dinner

We see the room where the dinner is to be taking place. A waiter lights
the candle. Stefano comes in, dressed in a tuxedo, checking out the
table, adjusting some of the things on it. Stefano stops, puts his hands
up to his face, lets a breath out, then extends his arms out, sideways.

Stefano: Exactly the way I want it to be tonight.

He puts his hands on his waist, still looking at the table. He hears a
noise, looks up and John is entering the room, in a tuxedo, but he looks
very haggard. He hasn't shaved so he has the start of a beard and his
hair is a little longer. He is rubbing his wrist, and walks towards

John: So, what's the deal with the forced formal wear?

Stefano: You'll find out John, oh please, and do not think of trying to
escape, all right! It may seem and appear's if I am unprotected, but I assure
you, I'm not.

John: Ah, I knew you didn't have the guts to take me out alone Stefano!

Stefano gives a little smug laugh, and smiles at John. John looks very
tired and he is having a hard time keeping his eyes open, moving his
head, looking to one side, then back towards Stefano.

John: So look old man, the only reason I agreed to this of
yours, because you promised me I could see Doc, so let's get with it.

Stefano: Oh, no, no, no, no John, I want to savour this evening and I
advise you to do the same, hmmm. After all, you know it's very possible
it might be the last one.

John looks at Stefano and they hear a noise. John turns and see's Marlena
standing in the doorway, in a elegant off the shoulder, ivory color dress.

Marlena: John?

John moves towards Marlena, as she does also, and you hear both of them
letting a breath of relief as they embrace. John is holding Marlena close
to him as he starts to talk to her.

John: Are you okay Doc?

Marlena(still holding John, very tightly to her) I'm all right!

She moves away and looks at him,  her hands cupping his head, then moves
them away, looking at him with concern on her face.

Marlena: What has he done to you? Why did you call me here? What's going

John: Doc, all I can say....

Stefano cuts off John, and John turns around to look at Stefano as he

Stefano: All your questions will be answered in due course. R.J.!

A waiter comes over with a tray containing three glasses of wine. Stefano
removes a glass and hands it to Marlena, then takes another and give it
to John, while doing this, is speaking to both of them as they are
standing by each other.

Stefano: Let me ah, propose a toast. Hmm. Thank you R.J.

He exhales and raises his glass

Stefano: To an evening that we will always remember, ah, who knows what
surprises it will bring!

Stefano raises his glass.

Stefano: Salute!

John turns his head and looks and looks at Marlena who is staring at
Stefano. Stefano has his glass in the air, as John and Marlena stand and
look at it, then watch as he turns and drinks from his glass. He turns
back to face them then speaks;

Stefano: This wine is really quite excellent.

John moves and sets his glass of wine down on the table.

John: I'm not drinking your wine.

Marlena sets her glass down on the table also.

Marlena: Either am I!

Stefano: Here I am drinking from the same bottle, now do you believe that
I would drug myself?

John: Yeah, I believe you would.

Stefano: Oh John! Marlena, this is such a special evening. I want you to
enjoy yourselves. Alright, I will get another bottle.

Stefano walks away from them and John turns to watch him leave the room.
Marlena lets a sigh of relief, that he has left and John moves over to
Marlena, very close so he can talk to her.

John: Does Roman know your here? Is he on his way?

Stefano comes back into the room, holding an unopened bottle of wine,
just after John and Marlena hear a loud noise.

John: How are we supposed to enjoy ourselves with all this damn noise?
What the hell was that?

Marlena is moving towards the door Stefano came through after getting the
new wine, and John gently grabs her arm and moves her back, close to him.

Stefano: Ah, the cook and her crazy helper. They simply do not get along.
There always arguing. I suppose what I should do is get rid of the
helper. Well now(as Stefano is showing the bottle of wine to them)
As you can see, this bottle has never been uncorked, untainted and very
safe to drink, ah!

John is now standing behind Marlena, and she turns to look at him.

Stefano: Now, and quite delicious I might add. (Stefano slaps the bottle
and shows it to the two of them) I'm sure that it would meet with your
approval John.

John: Nothing you do meets with my approval Stefano.

Stefano laughs

Stefano: John! John! You know you have given me quite a battle over the
years, but, the war is over you see those.... I'm disappointed, that you
are not more gracious in defeat.

John and Marlena are standing in front of him, listening to Stefano
saying this to them.

John: Well now, maybe that's because the war isn't over yet.

Marlena moves her head to one side as John is speaking this.

Stefano taps the wine bottle and walks away from them, to go and open it.
Marlena moves her head slightly to talk to John, and speaks to him very

Marlena: Why did you call me to come here?

John moves his head closer to Marlena and answers her very quietly so
Stefano can't hear.

John: (shaking his head) I didn't call you Doc, Stefano must have used a
tape of my voice or something.

Marlena: And I believed it. And now we are his pawns again.

John: Ah, well don't worry about it. Roman will be here soon.

Marlena turns right around and looks at John.

Marlena: No he won't! He doesn't know that I am here. I was trying to
call Carrie, when that woman Celeste drugged me.

John: All right! When you don't get ahold of somebody, he's going to come
looking. In the meantime, don't try to help me. Just protect yourself.

Marlena looking at John with such fear in her eyes.

Marlena: (softly) John!

John: Promise me! Now you promise me!

Marlena wants to respond to John, but is frustrated that Stefano is
moving towards them, before she could give John an answer.

Stefano: Now then,(as Stefano moves in between the two of them) have you
had a nice chat, hmm?

Stefano uncorks the wine and starts to pour.

Stefano: Nothing I like better then to see my guests enjoying themselves.

John: You mean prisoners, don't you?

Stefano has moved away from them and is standing over where he has set
down his glass, and is pouring some wine into it.

Stefano: Ah, if you insist John. But you must admit I am an excellent
jailer. We have fine wine, and we are about to enjoy a sumptuous dinner.

John is looking down at the table, and Marlena is standing in front of
him, staring at Stefano, John is speaking these words;

John: Well, I think you just wasted your time here,because I'm not about
to eat any of your damn drugged food!(as he looks up and over at Stefano)

Stefano: Well, let's see if you can resist John. Hmmm, obviously, you
must be famished, because you have not touched food since you got here.

Marlena turns to look at John, surprised to hear what Stefano had just

Stefano: As for you Marlena, I'm sorry to say, but Celeste seems to have
confused that thing, for rabbit!

John: You know, you are nothing but scum, and pretty soon the whole damn
world is going to find out, including your lovely daughter Kristen.
(John starts to move towards Stefano, but Marlena stops  him)

Stefano: NO! My daughter will never be confused by you again.

They hear the door being opened, and turn to see Celest entering the

Celeste: Stefano, I must speak to you, right away!

Stefano: Yes, alright! Well, I'll leave the two of you for a few moments
to enjoy the wine.

Stefano starts to walk towards the door, as John and Marlena watch him

Stefano(laughing) Oh yes, please do not try to escape. The windows are
sealed, and the dogs are outside.

Stefano and Celeste leave the room, and close the door as John and
Marlena look in the direction of them leaving.

John: Celeste seemed very upset about something!

John moves toward the door that Stefano went through to get the wine, as
Marlena follows him.

Marlena: Stefano did too! I heard a noise up above my room earlier.

John tries the door.

John: Ah, yeah, that noise wasn't coming from the kitchen either.
(as he is walking over to the door Stefano and Celeste left through.
Marlena following behind him and John tries it.)

John: You know what I think Doc, I think Stefano's got somebody else
locked up in this house.

They both are looking up towards the ceiling. John takes Marlena's arm
and they move away from the door.

John: Doc, where only going to have a couple of moments before Stefano

John is walking across the room, with Marlena behind him, he goes over to
the window.

John: I want you to listen to what I am telling you here.

He tries the doors for the garden and then the dogs start barking. John
then moves over to the desk.

John: When I first got to this place, I heard that woman's voice, you
know the one that was calling me Johnny!

Marlena's watching John go through the desk

Marlena: The woman that you heard when you began to regain your memory?

John is still looking through the desk, then looks up at Marlena.

John: Yeah, but this time, I swear as sure as I'm standing here, that
voice was real. I tried to check the house out , but I didn't have time,
I had to get Kristen out.

Marlena(surprised) Kristen!

John: Yeah, I found her upstairs in a bedroom. She had been drugged. I
went to get my car, and when I came back, Stefano was waiting for me.

John has his back to Marlena searching through something behind the desk.

Marlena: Oh my God! Does she know that Stefano is alive?

John: Well, he called Tony. Tony flew down here and he took her back to

Marlena: Then Tony knows about it?

John: Yeah, I'm sure he knew about Stefano all along.

Marlena: Don't you think Kristen knows what is going on here?

John finishes searching and turns, and looks at Marlena.

John: Stefano has camera's all over this house, he's even got one in your

Marlena looks at John, with a disgusted look on her face, after hearing
what he just told her.

John: He put a moniter in my dungeon, so I could enjoy watching Tony and
Kristen make love together.

Marlena let's out a gasp.

Marlena: Oh no, how awful for you!

John: Yeah, well I broke out of there. But I couldn't get to Kristen
before Tony took her back to Salem.

John moves away from the desk, and moves toward the table, and Marlena
turns around to talk to him.

Marlena: John, the woman's voice, you heard her, but did you see her?

John is at the table and Marlena moves over to where he is standing.

John: NO!NO! (John slips a butter knife into his inside pocket) I didn't
see her, and in fact, Stefano denied that anyone else was in this house.

Marlena: Well, maybe she's being held prisoner like we are?

John looks at Marlena.

Marlena: Wonder waht he has in mind for us? I would rather die trying to
get out of here, then give up five more years of my life!

Marlena starts to turn away from John, and he grabs her arm, and she
turns around.

John: Not, That's not going to happen. I'm going to find a way to get you
out of here, don't worry about that!

Marlena: I'm not leaving with out you, I won't!

John: Don't you worry about me! Now listen, when you get out of here, you
get a hold of Abe and Roman, don't go to the local police, Stefano owns

Marlena: What do you think he has in mind for you?

John: He wants to do it right this time Doc, he just wants to strip my
memory away.

John has such pain on his face and eyes as he is looking at Marlena.

Marlena: NO! NO!(embracing John) We won't let him do it. We'll fight him.
Look, your stronger now, you can do it. You have to resist him, you got
to resist him!

John:(still holding Marlena) Yeah, your right about one thing Doc, I'm
stronger this time. I know what's coming. Now, listen to me, don't try to
help. Whatever happens here, just please stay out of it!

Marlena holding John, her expression changes as she realizes something.

Marlena: Oh my God!(as she moves away and looks at John) Now I know why
he wanted me here!

John looks at Marlena, with such a pained look on his face, and burning
in his eyes.

Marlena: Stefano brought me down here for one reason, and it's working!

John: (shaking his head) I don't know what you mean Doc?

Marlena: Yes you do! He knows  you won't resist him, if your worried
about me!

John is going to say something, but he hears the door being unlocked and
he turns to look. Stefano and Celeste enter the room. Celeste closes the
door, and moves away.

Stefano: Well, have I interrupted something?

John: Oh, we were just.....wondering, who else you might have locked up
in this house?

Stefano: No one, except us, and the servants of course. Now! We shall sit
and we shall dine.

Celeste turns on some classical music as Stefano moves to the chair where
Marlena will be sitting, and pulls it out for her.

Stefano: Marlena!

Marlena sits down, so does John, who is sitting close by to her at the
end of the table.

Stefano: That is lovely dinner music Celeste. Thank you!

Stefano sits at the other end of the table as Celeste moves over by
Marlena. John's face is full of pain knowing what lies ahead for him.
Celeste picks up the lid off of Marlena's plate, and Marlena let's out a
little gasp, remembering what was under the lid earlier, then she looks
at Stefano. Celeste moves over to John, and lifts the lid off his plate.
John shakes his head, and closes his eyes, knowing that he now has to
fulfill the deal he had made with Stefano. Marlena watches John as he
slowly moves his head, and then picks up the spoon, and is about to put
it in the soup, when Marlena leans over and touches his hand, that makes
the spoon hit the bowl and spill the soup.

Marlena: NO!NO! Don't you do it( as she is looking at him)

Stefano: Marlena, you are only delaying the inevitable. Give him more
soup Celeste!

Celeste moves over and stands by John, takes his bowl away, he closes his
eyes, the helplessness look on his face, opens his eyes, as she moves
over to refill his bowl. He turns his head and watched as she pours more
soup into the bowl, and he moves his head, and looks over at Marlena as
Celeste places the bowl down in front of him. Their is so much pain in
his eyes.

Stefano is looking down at John with such intensity and he glances over
at Marlena, who is looking at John, with tear-filled eyes, not being able
to help him. Then one tear escapes from Marlena's eyes as she is looking
at John and John also has tears running down his face. The two of them,
looking at each other, their faces with so much pain and unhappiness on
it knowing that there can be nothing done to help John out of this

Stefano has now changed the music. He is playing "Love Lift Us Up" and
John is reaching for the spoon. Marlena is watching him do this. Stefano
is returning to his seat, where Celeste moves his chair out for him to
sit and then stands by his chair.

Stefano: I'm playing this music, especially for you Marlena, because I
know it is one of your favorites, yours and ah, Roman's!

Marlena: (looking at Stefano) How do you know that?

Stefano: Because I know everything about you, and the Brady's, and I
thought perhaps it would remind you of.....happier times. Of course that
is all int he past now!

John: (talking at the same time as Stefano) Oh you lousy son of a.....

Stefano: Because Roman believe that you are down here having a wonderful
time with John.....perhaps even.....a lover's trist.

Marlena: (with tears in her eyes) No! He can't think that!

Stefano: Well, what else could he possibly think Marlena. He knows that
John would never have you come down here if there were danger.

John: (with his eyes closed, then opening them, looking at Marlena) He
doesn't know that I didn't send for you.

Marlena looks at John, then turns her head away and looks down.

Stefano: John! Your soup is getting cold!

Stefano looks down at John, and he looks back, not saying anything.
Marlena looks over at John, and watches as he raises the spoon, to put it
to his mouth. She put's her hand on his to stop him.

Marlena: John, don't do this! Don't let him take your memory from you.
Don't let him do it!

John:(looking down, moving his lips, then looks up and at Stefano, still
holding the spoon)   I can give you everything you want Stefano, and I
will(as he raises the spoon up further in front of his face) if you let
Marlena go!

Stefano: (looking back at John) Of course!

Marlena:(looking at John with tears in her eyes)  He's lying(as she wipes
away a tear with the back of her hand) Don't believe him ! He's lying!

The spoon is right in front of John's face, and he is looking down at

Stefano: He has no choice, Marlena!

John looks at Stefano, and moves the spoon slowly to his mouth, closes
his eyes and puts the spoon up to his lips. Marlena looks at John, so
much pain and helplessness on her face, and Stefano with a look of great
pleasure on his face. John looks at Marlena knowing that he to eat the
soup, he had no choice.

John puts another spoonful of soup in his mouth and Marlena's looking at
him, concerned, that he is alright.

Marlena: John, are you alright?

John looks at Marlena, her image is fuzzy, then at Stefano, who was also
fuzzy, but then comes into focus.

John: You promised you let her go!

Stefano: That's true, but....I lied!

John(looking at Stefano, with hate in his eyes)  I hate you.....

The bowl on the table starts to rattle as John's head starts to fall
towards the table. He lays his head down, and Marlena gets up and puts
her arm around him.

Marlena: John, John, Oh God! What have you done to him?

Stefano: You know the answer to that Marlena. His memory was coming back.
I only did what was necessary.

Marlena gets up and looks at Stefano with hate in her eyes.

Marlena( in a angry voice) He told me about your hidden camera's. He saw
Celeste give me that rat for supper. You told him that you would starve
me to death, didn't you?

Stefano: Very good Marlena.

Marlena:(angry) You really are a Pig!

Stefano looks at Marlena, his eye brows arch up and he tilts his head to
one side, reacting to her remark.

Marlena:(leaning down, talking to John)
John! John, wake up. You got to fight this drug, you got to fight it.
Fight it(whispering to John, who is still laying on the table and
speaking with such desperation in her voice) Come on, Come on!

Celeste leaves Stefano's side and crosses the room, as Stefano sits in
his chair, taking a drink from his wine glass. Celeste passes Marlena,
who is still trying to get John up.

Marlena: Please! Now come, stand up( she puts her arm underneath around
his chest and the other arm around his back) You got to, come on, come
on! You can do this! I'll help you(as she is trying to get John to stand
on his feet) You can do this! Get up! Get up! (John can't get up and his
head keeps going down on the table, even with all of Marlena's help.)
Stand up and fight this drug! John, come on! John, it's Marlena!

Stefano:(sighs) He will never know what he has lost Marlena. Once his
mind is a clean slate. Of course, if there is anything from his past that
he might would be......making love to you!

Marlena who has her head down near John, lifts it and looks at Stefano.

Marlena: Tell me something about his past.....something I can tell his

Stefano(who is still sitting, but leans forward on his chair) Marlena, I
want you to understand something.....I am trying to protect my
children....and my future grandchildren.

Marlena looks at Stefano, with rage in her eyes.

Marlena: I hope our damn to hell!

Marlena hears John making some kind of noise and she leans down again and
starts to talk to him, with encouoragment, still having her arms around

Marlena: Come on, come on! You can do it! I'm right here!(as she is
trying to lift him up and out of the chair) Stand up John! Come on, I'll
help you( John is almost on his feet) I've got you!

Marlena moves the chair and John is standing.

Marlena: Yes! Yes, your on your feet( Marlena turns John around so he is
facing her) Okay! Fight it! Fight it! Fight it!

John:(in drugged state) Doc?

Marlena: (looking at him, with encouragement in her voice) I've got you,
I've got you!

John: (whispering) Doc?

Marlena: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Your alright! Keep on fighting!

John is looking at Marlena..his eyes half closed.

John: (shaking his head) Don't you worry about me!

He then turns away from her and starts to move towards Stefano, holding
the butter knife, using the table as something to guide him, help him
stay up. As he is sweeping the table with his hands, he is moving
everything on the table, but then he looses his balance and falls, taking
the chair that Marlena was sitting on down on the floor with him.

Marlena: (yelling) JOHN! JOHN! OH JOHN! JOHN! JOHN!

John is laying on the floor, unconcious, and Marlena is down on the floor
with him, looks over at Stefano, with so much pain in her face and her
eyes are filled with tears. Stefano gets up and walks towards her.

Stefano has had John removed and put back into the dungeon, where his
arms are shakled once again, and laying on the cot. He moves his head and
opens his eyes, to see Stefano looking down at him, with satisfaction on
his face. John starts to put his head up, and Stefano puts his fingers on
his forehead, and lightly pushes his head back down, then John's head is
back down on the cot.

Stefano: There's no escaping again John, your mind is mine again. Just as
Marlena will be mine!

John looks up at Stefano, shaking his head, trying to lift it, but then
sets it down, looking around, his eyes moving all over the place. The he
moves his head to one side and his eyes close. Stefano stands above him,
with a smirk of victory on his face, looking at his advisary laying
helpless on the cot!

Marlena is sitting in the dining room alone, head down, then lifting it,
so many emotions on her face. She gets up and looks toward the
window,when she see's a person running by. She goes over and looks out,
but sees not one. Then moves her head in the other direction, probably
wondering if she saw anything at all!!!

Special thanks to Chris Lewitski for this contribution!!