The Plane Scene

The scene opens with Marlena going to the loft, she talks the super into letting her in. The room is dark and you sense the emptiness as she looks around.

Cuts to plane with John and Victor, John thanking Vic for the use of the plane so he can escape to Italy. Vic is telling John not to go, he knows it's because of a woman and asks if John has talked to her.

Cuts to Marlena finding a note on the plane departure time, and saying forlornly, "He's really gone..."

Cuts to Vic telling John that running away will only make him want this woman more. Vic says he doesn't want to lose contact with Brady. John reminds him that they will just be a short planeride away.

Cuts to Marlena driving and having memories of John. One is in a hospital room with her wanting to go home to be with John. One is her in a gorgeous gold, off shoulder sweater giving John a Christmas gift. One is them arguing. John says memories belong in the past. Marlena says forcefully, No, memories are what make us who we are. She says, "I will always have mine with me." Then, as she's driving, she says, "I can't do this," and it looks like she turns the car around.

Cuts to John on the plane trying to leave a goodbye message on Marlena's answering machine, gives up and as he hangs up the phone turns around to see Marlena standing there. Marlena says, "I'm so glad I got here in time." John says, "I was just leaving you a message." Marlena says, "You can't leave like this." John says, "It's best." Marlena starts to object, but John continues. "No, it's not best...why did you come here?" Marlena says, "Look at will allow me that?" "Allow? It won't make any difference?" John replies, sounding tired. "I just want to see your face." Marlena whispers, then in a sad voice says, "I'm scared. You can't leave, you can't take Brady away from the only family he's known. You just lost Isabella, you can't separate yourself."John says, "It's the adult thing to do." Marlena says angrily, "No, running away is NOT the adult thing to do. We can see each other and..." John gets angry, "We can see each at social functions, chat politely, kiss each other on the cheek...I DON'T THINK SO!" Marlena looks uncomfortable, "All right, but your taking Brady way just because of us.." John jumps in, "If I stay, I'm going to hurt you and Roman and I don't want to do that. God knows I care for you...What's the point?"

Marlena looks crushed, "All right, how long will you be gone?" John looks away, "I don't know..." Marlena looks desperate, "Weeks?" she wait, then continues, "Months?" Marlena sits down next to him. "You're wrong if you're doing this for me. I can't imagine being without you. I need you," she says in a soft whisper, her voice cracking painfully.John looks at her with obvious pain in his eyes, "You shouldn't have come here." Marlena returns his look with equal pain, "I shouldn't have fallen in love with you. I love and will always love Roman, but when you came and I just happened. I couldn't help loving you," she breaks down in tears. "Oh God, that sounds so pitiful, I wanted to love you and now I'm driving you away and I don't know if I'll ever stop having these feelings."

John says sadly, "In time..." Marelna says doubtfully, "Will I? You're so much a part of my life. I don't know what I'd do if you weren't.." Marlena sobs. John says, "Don't...hey come on, don't me unhappy.." Marlena sobs, "Doesn't it make you unhappy at all?" John yells, "I'm past that Doc! I'm freefallin...With just the idea that I'll never see you again, never hear you laugh, never smell your perfume, never touch you..." with this he tenderly covers her hand with his. Marlena sobs, "Oh God..." Then John pulls her to him and kisses her like it's the last time.

They pull back from each other, searching eyes full of passion and hunger. John forcefully grabs her coat and pulls it down from her as she gasps as he pushes her back to the cushions of the couch and covers her body with his as they kiss hungrily. He raises up and begins tearing off his own jacket, then Marlena pulls him back to her lips. The scene closes with them kissing passionately and nibbling at each other throats and lips....

Special Thanks to Holli Christy for permission to post this memorable scene

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