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Welcome to my unofficial Hard Candy site. This site is devoted to... duh, Hard Candy... I have had sites devoted to Hard Candy online since 1996. You'd think I'd be sick of the stuff by now. But alas, no... I keep on buying it and drooling over it. Its just so darn cute.

It all began with nail polish...

"A little disenchantment can go a long way, just as it did for Dineh Mohajer. As a 22 year-old pre-med undergrad at USC, Dineh's flair for fashion drove her to frustration but eventually helped her find her niche. When she couldn't find a polish to match her baby blue strappy sandals she decided to use her chemistry savvy and make one. Creating more shades and perfecting her polish became a summer project. Soon enough, Dineh's "project" met more success than she had imagined, turning a line of nail polishes into Hard Candy, a color cosmetics company." Sephora.com HC blurb

Read my story to discover how my obsession began...

Wanna see my old Hard Candy site? Itís still at Geocities and is outdated, but for old time sakeÖ Check it out HERE.


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